Albus, warrior of ice

This is my self MOC, using my favourite parts,functions and ideas.

Here's a picture of the front:


And his weaponry:

Here's his shield:
which can spin around;

Two arm blades:


And what I wanted to be a bow, but is a Zamor launcher instead:

And an example of his (limited) poseability:

Finally, here's a vector drawing of his helmet:


Pretty cool, I like the thigh armour.

looks really nice, the torso and legs are very good, the arms also look great but need a bit of improvment. good job.

this is pretty cool and you made me think Harry Potter


He looks like a Shogun to me. I dislike the size of his weaponry tho - might ease down on the weapons - other than that, it's pretty dope.

The weaponry is a bit excessive, but with work, this could be really awesome.


Dumbledore? Is that you?

Zero gets what I mean

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Ah, ok.

its okay i guess for a Inika build but i guess it gets my like

For an Inika build it has a lot piled on which I guess makes it okay, the CCBS also looks really out of place for the MOC, and the waist armor looks really hard to work around, and like why does it have a pin sticking out of them?

That's to hold the katanas.

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Okay my bad, theres a lot going on in the shot so I missed it.

Not sure if I like the feet on the sides of the body, but the custom painted helmet certainly looks cool