Alck: The Fallen Alchemist

(Self Moc)
This is Alck, a former apprentice to Mutran, he was cast out for his radical experimentation and behavior. Tangential to the Makuta, Alck believed that any Rahi could be transformed according to the desire of the experimenter to become a Proto-Rahi created as a perfect servant. after his banishment dedicated his life to hunting, fighting, and testing Rahi.


Alck eventually invented his special staff with its energized beam; created only as a precaution, Alck found its use extremely useful in both combat and neutralizing Rahi.

--- This is the reconstruction of my self moc, and I decided to add a bit of background too.
@JMP thanks for the tips JMP!

What do you all think?


Nice black and green color! Very much alright for an Inika build

I would made sturdier legs but everything else is great

I like the look of this guy

black and green has always been a good color scheme IMO

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those corroder pieces make his chest shape really cool thumbsup

That's what they said to the creator of Xares. J.k. thanks.

The shape and the colours flow very nicely (especially the back armour!). Fairly standard stuff here. My only complaint is that the stuff is a bit cluttered. However, as you said he made it himself, so maybe that's why? Who knows.

I assume you're talking about the weapon
Story-wise, yes, it's because he built it himself.
In reality it's because the weapon was originally built by my younger nephew when he was messing around; I liked the idea so I modified it myself and added a few things from his original design.
The rest is all 100% me.

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That's great for an Inika build and the colour scheme is pulled off really well! smile