Alexander Utu, "The Fallen"

Alexander Utu was once the sole protector of a gravity well at the southern pole of Spherus Magna. For years, he prevented cowards and deserters from abandoning the planet, as well as spacefaring pirates and invaders from using the well to enter the planet. His Elemental power over Gravity gave him unprecedented control over the well, and the systems of the well allowed him to see enemies far before they saw him. He would often destroy their forces before they even knew he was there.
All of that changed, and Alexander fell to Helryx, Commander of the Order of Mata Nui. Helryx and the Order wanted to destroy the well, and thereby end the threats of interplanetary armies. Alexander saw the Order coming and recognized them, confronting them face to face. They explained their purpose, and Alexander prepared to attack, but blacked out.
When he woke, Nikolas Utu stood over him. Alexander tried to kill the Toa of Truth, but Othniel, the newly revived Toa of Hope, was able to calm him. The gravity well had been destroyed, and the Toa Utu’s purpose undone. They had come to aid Alexander in guarding the well, believing that the Great Beings would use the well to return. Alexander joined the Utu’s cause of vengeance instead, and found a new purpose to love.

With his powerful mace, Alexander can project massive amounts of Elemental Energy in beams or waves. His prowess with Gravity makes him a force to be reckoned with all to himself. Alexander came from a long line of Toa of Gravity, and carries himself with pride in his heritage, despite his failure. His is the most regal bearing among the Utu, which grates on Gavin. He has taken the role of co-leader of the Utu, making great use of his tactical skills and intuition.

Build shots

Makeshift airborne shot…

With the rest of the Toa Utu(I still need to rebuild Gideon…)

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Good stuff, That mask has almost a Darth Vader look to it when combined with the black cape. I really like it. The weapon is really original. I also like the leg design a lot; the Toa feet as the inner thigh works way better than you would expect.


Looks good! That mask is really something.


I never get the hate that mask gets a lot of the time! I think it works well here.
@BlackboltJohnson Yeah this one was an experiment with textures matching their colors. Do you think that’s why the feet being there works?
@meepinater I love that mask! Totally worth picking it up!

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