Alien species: The Insect-Dragon V1

This insectoid alien tribe got his name from the human colonists that landed on their planet. They have no idea what a Dragon is. They also lack eyes, they see their world through their sensitive antenna. The atmosphere on their planet is very dense, which lets them fly, despite their comparably small wings.



Wings folded in:

Offensive stance:

Size comparison with Mete(s ghost):

I hope you enjoyed my MOC.
Please leave (costructive) criticism, your thoughts and advise below!


so... what are those lime spikes under the mouth supossed to be?

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Fangs/Teeth. It's supposed to look like a downward-facing Venus flytrap

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Looks like it came straight out of spore.

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Hmm... You're right.

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I quite like the concept of this, it has an alien feel to it that's highly appealing to me.

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The story for this is awesome and the MOC is really cool. The head is the best part, IMO.

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@Stoax: Thank you.
@BBricks: Thanks.

This is quite the unique MOC, it leaves quite the impression and a recognizable silhouette. My one complaint is that when the wings are folded out, their underside is a bit underwhelming.

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But you are right about the wings.

Looks pretty nice but those hands bother me

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a) Thank you!

4 symmetrical fingers on each hand don't have a Dragon or insect feel

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What do you advise me to do?

Use a chums hoof, or take off one of the fingers and have one of them be in the middle of the 2 but I ain't the best with fingers

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OK. But what do you mean with "chums hoof"?

Rip auto correct, chima hoof

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Oh.. That makes more sense. But I still don't know what part you mean.

super cool, very unique. however I recon you could pull the insect look off even more if you made a wing design like what a dragon fly might have.

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Thank you!
But I am trying to develop the wings in another direction.