Aliprah the corrupted AI

Aliprah was created the same way that Aplha and Delta were with the experimental DNA machine but unfortunately she was supposed to be Aplha and Delta’s triplet sister but was delayed due to a processing issue which Dr Harven could never figure out what the problem was entirely.
When the process was completed Dr Harven noticed something was wrong in the analysis check of Aliprah’s body system units was decaying rapidly.
So Dr Harven had to make a choice disintegrate her body or robotization her body completely so Dr Harven robotised her into to a mechanical life form completely which she found out eventually was completely shocked but she understand why for her self.
Thought out her teenage year where Delta bullying very meanly because of her mechanical existence but luckily Aplha will always their to stand up for her and of course always until the end to bring happiness to her and she appreciated every single bit of it seeing Aplha being their for her
After 10 years of the division from Aplha and Delta she eventually learned that Aplha will never be their for her since Aplha was in a mental insanity restore space facility and started to be independent of herself to adventure out of her comfort zone.
After time she can take care of her self and when she came home to the lab where she was born and raised and found out the place was completely decimated when she went to see how much damage was done when walking though one of Dr Harven’s chemicals was dripping downwards right above Aliprah and hit on her head.
She was out for a few hours but managed to wake up and felt something in her system was wrong about her and she found out her systems was being corruption by a virus 25% and rising so she needs to found Alpha to help her with the virus corruption and if not to find a cure in time Aliprah will eventually be a ruthless killing machine and Aplha will have no other choice but to kill his dear sister and will regret it for the rest of his life never to have his beloved sister never again :broken_heart:

Aliprah’s theme song


Looks good. I like the head build and the amount of detail put into the moc.


very cool - love the techniques
wait a sec what are those bewbs and butt…


Thank you @Rukah really appreciate that buddy

Unfortunately they are indeed after all Aliprah’s is female tho :wink:


Well they sure put nuva boobs to shame.


Yeah I cannot argue with that fact nor choose but i have to agree :wink:

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Okay, the head build is actually incredible, plus the gold claws and the jetpack on the back are neat details. Looks really good. But holy mackerel, Sonus is right–those boobs make Roodaka look like a board!


This makes roodaka look family friendly