Alius (Chappie)

I saw the moive and wanted to make something to resemble him sorta, so yeah, enjoy, he is pretty much has the same personality as Chappie.


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seems abit funny. And blocky.

He is supposed to be like that.

don't know if it works....

could you try posting pics of him stock straight and maybe from the front and back?

Sure thing

Personally, I like the blocky look, it feels like it gives it character.

doesn't feel right to me though...

maybe I should invite better people who can critique...

hm.. @Ekorak

I'm not stopping you.

So uh

I was summoned

this thing

is blocky

and I don't like it

it's like a Minecraft character made of LEGO

only not Minecraft


Why so much hate on him, just becasue its not Bionicle doesn't mean he can't be like one, I thought this was a LEGO creation board, not just a Bionicle one.


I said nothing about where he came from

none of my current MOCs are even remotely related to the BIONICLE story

I'm saying that this thing looks like a Minecraft character and it doesn't work for me

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I understand dude, but still, dang....

I'm one of those people who gives really harsh critique.

Ask @Political_Slime...@JMP...@Hawkflight....@ToaKeravnos....


... I said earlier I found it's shape odd, but whatever

@CelticSpartan it's not that I hate it I've seen worse. but it's got an odd shape. Maybe if it was less blocky, but as it's your aesthetic and your moc, my opinion doesn't necessarily apply

I ain't seen Chappie, but I still kinda like it, maybe some more pictures...

@EvilLobsterKing I thought more were with this post, I guess not, I'll put them up soon.


@EvilLobsterKing I don't think I have a pic of the back though proably because its a bit plain.


I added more pics