All Canon Rahkshi

This is a list of all rahkshi and kraata types. All spines besides, the original 6, yellow, orange, and gold rahkshi are made by me, and kraata-kal’s kraata is completely custom. Besides the first 9 rahkshi, they are all in order of the wiki. Blue=disintigration White=anger Green=poison Red=fear Brown=shattering Black=absorbation Orange=insect control Yellow=heat vision Gold=weather control EVERYTHING ELSE=In order of the wiki.


That’s a mean-looking Kraata-Kal.

What colors would you give Kraata/Rahkshi of Light, Telekinesis, Courage, and Peace from the Melding Alternate Universe?

Wish the blade pieces were different for each Rahkshi.

I put them in the corner, though I now think they would have the same colors, mainly because darkness correlates to telekinesis even though they have no connection, leading me to believe they are direct parallels and have the same color.