All of My G3 Ideas [Story][Worldbuilding][Pitch]

Heres some of my ideas I have been working on, and more are to come…
(these are explanations)

  1. What the brothers do
    * Makuta is order
    * Ekimu is chaos,
    * Karzahni is balance.
    Because of this, each has a style of making things that is slightly different. Makuta follows rules strictly while, Ekimu is okay with letting, his creations break the laws of nature, like the ability to control the elements. Karzahni is a mix between both, and every creation of his has some sort of balance.

  2. The Lightning city and people

    • People: Because the people are built by Karzahni they have the ability to use elemental powers, however the balance that is put in is that if they use it they get angrier and more violent. This is the main reason the elemental gods remove the lightning tribe from Artahka. This balance also means that by the time of the story the Lightning tribe has come to the philosophy that they should not use their elemental powers at all, and consider it to be taboo. However there is another balance that the Lightning Tribe has, the ability to conduct their elemental energy to others. As they get more power they have more of an urge to use their elemental powers, causing them to go mad.

    • Voriki: My version of Voriki’s story is that she is an orphan girl who is discovered to have no reaction to elemental energies, but can still have the energy transferred to her. She is considered to be the savior of the lightning people, as she can prevent anyone gaining to much elemental energy. After all the people pass their energy to her, she feels like she could use it if she just pushed harder. However, she remembers what she has been taught about using elemental powers and stops herself. She is scared of what people would think if they find out, and hides in a spot where she knows no one can follow, the main reactor, but when she touches it she absorbs all the elemental energy. The reactor explodes, and Voriki blacks out… She wakes up on a beach and freaks out at the changes to her body because she is now a Toa. She is then found by everyone on the island of Artahka because the explosion interrupted the final battle of the Matoran civil war. Everybody heard it and stopped fighting. They all moved to the North shore of Artahka. When they arrive they gawk at this purple person. When Voriki sees the people, she asks for help. Some doctors go to her and start treating her for shock. However, the doctors use elemental powers and she goes crazy about it and blasts everybody with electricity and disappears. Every one realizes her power and goes on a manhunt to find her so they can use her in the war. Voriki escapes, and meets Makuta and his Rahkshi. Voriki almost blasts them, but Makuta says “Stop, we are not your enemies.” Makuta is of course using his mask of control, but is shocked when Voriki asks “why?” He knew that if it had worked she should have just accepted it. He replies weakly, “Well, we don’t have elemental powers.” to Voriki “In fact,” Makuta continues, we are trying to stop those who do." He shows her how the Matoran are slowly going mad, lying to her and telling her that it was the elemental powers, when it was actually the masks, and she joins him.

    • The Lightning City: The Lightning city is a floating city to the north of Artahka in a storm. There are two major places in the lightning city, the Main Reactor and the Labyrinth. The name the Main Reactor is a misnomer, it supplies no power to the city. It is located under the main government building. Nobody can touch the main reactor because it is filled with lightning. When anyone from the lightning tribe touches it, it fills them with elemental energy, driving them mad. Anyone else is killed by the shock. The only person who could touch it is Voriki. The purpose of the Reactor is to be the prison of Karzahni. The Labyrinth is pretty much what was put together in Brainstorm. It is the hiding place of the mask of control.

    • Karzahni: The story of Karzahni starts out the same: he goes and gets his brothers to fight. He is put in prison after the battle. The first toa put him in the lightning city after they help the lightning people establish the floating city. He is put in a lab that he cannot leave, nor can anyone interact with, but he can see out. The one way in or out is the hatch that the first Toa put him in with. He can open it but lightning arcs across it so he cannot escape. He tries to make monsters strong enough to break him out but they all fail. One idea he has is to create a miniscule creature that could grow to be strong enough to break him out. He succeeds to get it out, but it ends up falling off the city into the ocean, where it grows to the monster that Gali fights. He sees that Gali has no elemental power and he comes to the realize that he could use this in an idea. He creates a young lightning tribe member without the ability to use elemental power. She is named Voriki and is a blank slate with no memories at all. Karzahni is planning to use her to escape. When Voriki absorbs all the elemental energy of the people and is being filled with the lightning of the Main Reactor, Karzahni takes the power and fashions it into an elemental god. The god overloads the main reactor and breaks it open. Karzahni escapes and enslaves the God. He uses it to control the People and leaves the city with them all. He then goes back to get his mask in Mahri Nui.

    • The Seventh God: The seventh god is created by Karzahni using Voriki as a storehouse for a massive amount of elemental power; he divides this from Voriki to create the god. When he creates the god he uses Voriki as the template for its intelligence, and so it is a clone of Voriki. After creating it Karzahni takes control of it and uses it to control the Lightning tribe and leave the city. Eventually Toa Vorik beats Karzahni and God Voriki is freed(Maybe God Voriki could change its name to Avohkah?). It is the only “female” in the gods. While being controlled by Karzahni, God Voriki is subjected to extreme pain and sometimes Toa Voriki seems to hear faint screaming. Because there are essentially 2 Voriki’s who are linked and created by Karzahni, they cannot be controlled by Makuta and his Mask of Control.

  3. The Brothers Workshops

    • Mahri Nui: Mahri nui is the original lab of the brothers and the first place they created. It is somewhere south of Artahka and is connected to the Land by the cord, which is somewhere in the swirling storm of Motara. Here the worst creations of the brothers are kept in the Pit, which is guarded by the Maharians. (is that their name?) In the very back of the pit is a large cell in which the Great Being Ekimu is kept, and above the door there is the Mask of Alternate Futures. (This is an idea for season 5)
  • The Mask Makers Forge: The Mask forge is the second place the three brothers created on the planet for themselves. They used it to create the Mask of Time and other powerful masks to aid them in their creation abilities. When they start to create the Island they use the Forge as a center point and it becomes one of the highest places on Artahka, the volcano. After the Matoran are created they use the forge to create masks for themselves. However, they find that every mask has to be adjusted to its wearer if it was worn for long periods of time. When the First Toa defeat the Great Beings, they imprison Makuta and the Mask of Creation inside where they seal it with the Mask of Time. After being awoken Makuta uses this as his main base until the Toa attack it, and he flees, leaving it to the Matoran.
  • The Mask Purge: When Makuta is trapped in the Mask forge, the masks cannot be adjusted and after a few generations --since masks tend to get passed to children-- the masks drove everyone mad, and the Elemental Gods empowered new Toa. The Toa fight everybody and take the masks away. (My idea is that when the civil war ends, the Matoran are able to fix themselves.)
  1. Villians
  • Makuta: After, being released from his prison, Makuta decides to get at least some semblance of his original power. He has the Rahkshi collect new materials for a new Mask of Control. They get into fights with the Toa, but do eventually retrieve them all. The Rahkshi bring the materials to Makuta, and he forges a new mask, but with much less power than the one he used to have. A Toa follows the Rahkshi to the Mask Forge, but runs back to bring the rest. The Toa arrive, and attack. Kopaka gets separated and controlled by Makuta to release the masks. This action drains the weak Mask of Control of most of its power. Makuta and his Rahkshi escape in an airship they stole earlier. They take this to the Lightning City, and–using nudges from the Mask of Control–gain access to the Labyrinth. They travel through its perilous course, and find Makuta’s original Mask of Control. Casting aside the near powerless version, he dons the new Mask and regains his power. He and the Rahkshi travel back to Artahka where they arrive in the middle of the Civil War. Makuta begins to manipulate the war. When Voriki shows up, he tries to mind control her but it doesn’t work. He instead lies to her to get her to join his cause. Makuta uses her and his Rahkshi to distract the Toa while he finds a way to enter Mahri Nui; However, the Toa get to it and Makuta has the whole Brotherhood attack while he slips into the cord. The Toa beat most of the Brotherhood, and the rest flee. The Toa confront the abandoned Voriki, and convince her to join them. Before they can enter the Cord, the Rahkshi strike. Voriki is unused to being part of a team and ends up hindering the other six Toa, which lets the Rahkshi follow their master. The Toa pursue. Down at Mahri Nui, Makuta arrives, and subdues the Maharians(?) with his Mask of Control. He creates new weapons and armor for his Rahkshi, as well as a stange object. When the Rahkshi show up, he is angered at being interrupted, but he is notified of the fact that the Toa are coming and has them wield their new gear. He takes the object he created and runs into the Pit, releasing prisoners. He goes to the end of the Pit, and opens the cell. Ekimu turns to him. Seeing the murderous intent in his brothers eyes, he says “You know the consequences.” Makuta holds his gaze and says, “Yes, but that is not why I am here. I want you to finish this,” holding forth the object. “No,” Ekimu replies instantly, but Makuta simply activates his Mask and says, “Fine, You will finish it.” Ekimu’s weakened state does not allow him to resist, and a blinding light fills the room. The Toa show up after beating the Rahkshi and the Prisoners of the Pit. Makuta engages the Toa in battle. The Toa defeat him, and lock him in Ekimu’s cell. They switch the Mask of Control with the Mask of Alternate Futures. The Toa set one person shifts to watch over Makuta. After being freed, Ekimu leaves the Island of Artahka. Makuta sits back and lets his plan unfold. When the Skull Spider break in and free him, he takes the object. He goes to another part of Mahri nui where he puts the object in a pedestal. A ring glows around him, and after a flash of light he is gone with the object.(The object is what I call an Olmak, and it activates portals to other places. This is how all three brothers leave the Island without a trace.)

  • Skull Spiders: The Skull Spiders are a creation of Makuta after the elemental gods were made. The purpose of the Skull Spiders were to take over every being connected to the six elemental gods, corrupt the elemental powers in them, and use Makuta’s power and the connection to corrupt the elemental gods, which would destroy them. However, before he could release the horde, Ekimu convinces him not to by arguing that the elemental gods were beings of order like Makuta. The leader of the Skull Spiders was put in the Pit, while the rest were destroyed. The Skull spiders are ruled over by the Lord of Skull Spiders Morbuzakh, and there are three different kinds of skull spiders: Visorak, Kahgarak, and the Zivons. The Visorak are tiny and are a large part of the horde. They have the ability to be worn similarly to masks, and after a while the wearer will be mutated. This mutation will lose effect after the Visorak is removed. Second, the Kahgarak are larger fighters in the horde. They are sometimes modified to fit the needs of the horde, like being Venom Flyers or Battle Rams. Third, the Zivons. The Zivons are giants, and are for breaking into heavily fortified places. There are very few as they are hard to control and can be dangerous for the horde. Morbuzakh controls the skull spiders, can inhabit them, and it can speed up the process of corruption in controlled slaves. When Makuta is in Mahri nui he releases Morbuzakh and tells it to start its conquest. It flees with a bunch of other prisoners to Artahka. Morbuzakh sets up in a cave and begins to create the horde of Skull spiders. The Lord of Skull Spiders begins to take over by slowly kidnapping important figures in the Matoran–some of whom are close to the Toa–in order to weaken the regions. He uses the captured Matoran to lure the Toa away from the people except for Pohatu who is guarding Makuta. The Skull Spiders attack everybody and most people fall victim to them. They also attack the Cord but Pohatu is able to seal it and keep them out. The other six Toa are able to save 6 or 7 Matoran and retreat to the Mask Makers Forge where they rendezvous with the few Matoran there. They all begin to prepare to defend against the skull spiders, but when two Zivons show up their efforts are quickly crushed. At the same time, Kahgarak Battle Rams break into the Cord and defeat Pohatu and the Maharians. Morbuzakh releases Makuta in the hopes that he will help it, but he instead says he is leaving; However, he does tell them that if they find the Mask of Control he left in the Labyrinth, they can still destroy the elemental gods. Morbuzakh begins to create Venom Flyers. At the Mask Forge the Toa and few Matoran retreat, with a few people lost to the Visorak. Voriki says she might know somewhere where they can go and head to the Lightning City.They get to the Lightning city although it wasn’t easy. The Venom Flyers show up and Visorak get most of the Matoran, and the Toa run into the Labyrinth. They get to the end of the Labyrinth and grab the weak Mask of Control. The Skull spiders didn’t do too good in the Labyrinth and the Toa break through and flee. They realize that they are going to have to find the source of the Skull spiders, and find the Cave where Morbuzakh resides. They fight three Zivons and discover the weakness of them and defeat them. They fight the corrupted Pohatu and win. Then all seven Toa beat up Morbuzakh.


You certainly have an interesting and very different take to a lot of other pitches that have already been written here on the boards, and that’s nice!

There might be some issues TTV would have with your pitches, as some things might not be what they are exactly going for, but that is with every thread! I hope we see more from you!

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Thanks. I am planning on doing some more, and I hope you keep on enjoying it!

love it I want the skull horde in G3!!! pleez check out my pitch MAKUTA NEEDS AN ARMY!!!(DISCUSSING ADDITIONAL VILLANS AND MINIONS) for more info

Actually, Avokah would probably be an excellent name for the Elemental God of Lightning if TTV don’t go with Agil.

Liked most of the general idea. So lets start the list:

  • I am reluctant to agree with labeling Ekimu as being chaos. Creation can be explained better as a controlled chaos.A mixture of knowledge and freedom. Knowledge puts the objective and sets the groundwork. Freedom allows you use whatever means or methodology and sets the motivation. So, even if creativity might make no sense to others it makes perfect sense for the user.

  • Karzahni as balance also seems a little off. He is the guy who chose/made the mask that allows you to see alternate futures. Knowing the future itself alters it, unless you subscribe to the predestination theory. Thus Karzahni has to have some imbalance, either an obsession or some other quirk. In the current cannon.

  • I cannot remember what the current cannon was on the lightning Toa, and the lightning elemental God. I feel like the question has been asked, but I cannot remember an answer for it

  • Voriki has a contradictory origin, but I get what you where getting at. She is an experiment who thinks is an orphan matoran. This gives her a lot of potential for character development, but it depends a lot on how the lightning toa and God are created.

  • I like the lightning tribe idea, it seems interesting having a group of “malfunctioning” matoran

Ok, so in my style of critique and idea advancement:

  • All for it, perhaps Ekimu is “Chaotic Creation” and Makuta is “Controlled Creation”, with Makuta not giving high intelligence to his creations due to the randomness of it’s results.
  • Karzahni is not by any means balance, if anything he is entropy, he sees the end of things and tries to create more literal chaos as far as I understand it.
  • The freewill/predestined idea lends to this idea and should be brought up in story even if Karzahni doesn’t ever answer the question.
  • As per the current canon, there is no elemental god of lightning, Karzahni created the lightning tribe and Voriki, there was a pitch that Annona was Karzahni’s creation as an elemental lord/demigod creature to stand in as an elemental god (I really love the pitch).
  • Voriki depends on the lightning matoran canon so still up in the air, perhaps a mask of energy? Sorta like a mask of life deal?
  • Seems very Karzahni, I like this idea.