Alli version 4. Yup, again

“Dang Alex, back at it again with another fricking sefmoc!”
I’m so sorry, I hate myself for using that joke, hope you hate me too. here’s the moc.

Blah, blah, I know his mask doesn’t fit. I don’t care. I like it.

Amazing, ain’t it? I am truly a genius.




His vahki legs don’t fit with the texture of the moc but otherwise it’s alright.

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The body looks a tad better but seriously… The mask

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I could imagine a blue Kakama insteada turqoise.

Thanks. i didn’t change the body itself, but I think he looks better with the CCBS limbs and no silver. I dunno for the mask. I guess I could buy one in blue, or white, probably blue, in the future.

@swagmeister how come? It works with the body and waist.

@Yveran I didnt see that coming, NOOOO!!!

@BioKnight please explain why the legs dont work, they have the same texture as his torso and waist.

@tak210 I would love to, but that is the only set of friction joints i have! I got them from one of those chima constraction sets, and all the other ones i have are on my G2 bionicle sets.

@Garnira thanks, yeah i really dont get where they’re coming from. The “amazing, aint it?” thing was a joke. I assumed it was pretty obvious, considering how simple and generic he is.


As the others have said, the lower legs look weird with the Vahki limbs and the turquoise mask does not work with the color scheme of the moc

I’d say maybe use a friction adder for each arm and lengthen them to make the shaping flow better, but the build looks pretty good.

I don’t know what folks are talking about with the Vahki legs; they’re consistent with the waist and torso…

Sure, they aren’t like the smooth ccbs shells, but the entire moc doesn’t need to have the same texture everywhere. It just has to have texture that’s not featured in only one place.

Don’t bloat yourself. It’s alright, but I wouldn’t say ingenious.


that was a joke XD


I quite like this, IMO.
Although, the arms are a bit short. And the friction joints stick out due to the color scheme.
I think the mask is personal preference, so if you like it there, keep it there. Don’t change it, just make it fit in by adding a tad bit of turquoise. :smile:


I think I was a bit drowsy at the time, sorry for the grief. :stuck_out_tongue: