Alligator Dentist (Pinewood Derby)

For my church’s Pinewood Derby race this year, I attempted to create the Alligator Dentist game. I did consider doing another Lego related car, but decided to do something a bit different. Anyways, I think it is decently designed, even if its head doesn’t actually function. Critizism and suggestions on how I could have made this car look better is welcome.

“Are you here to see the dentist too?”


This looks really unique!
I love it!


I r8 8/8 for creativity.

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Oh, church Pinewood Derby’s have always held a special place in my heart. This is like a perfect car. Very creative.

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This is wonderfully crafted. Is it possible to push the teeth down like the actual game?

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@JonBlueFire Thanks!

@BBricks Thank you!

@JediTimeLord824 Thanks, though “like a perfect car,” definitely belongs to some of the other cars in the race. Much better painted and designed.

@Stoax Thanks, but no, the teeth can’t be pushed down. That would have been cool though, but I didn’t have enough time to attempt such a function.

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That derby car looks better than the actual thing, good job :grinning: