Almighty Eel (Self MOC)

This is actually a Self MOC of one of my friends I made a long time ago, just like mine. It was mainly based on a ghost Mincraft skin he would wear.


Interesting fellow. I like the way you’ve shaped up the shoulders with those addon parts draped over them.

The white is mostly blocked well and looks like it’s sitting on top of a black base (changing the pelvis piece to a black one would complete the effect).
I also like how you’ve kept the upper legs and arms black and the lower legs and arms white.
Not a fan of the rahkshi feet though just because they’re very large for a humanoid figure and they’re not quite the same colour as the rest of the white parts. Blue pin on the chest looks like a heartlight but he would do better with a stud or something there.

And I love that he’s basically got a ski hat on. And basing a self-MOC off someone’s minecraft skin (or any other avatar they use online) is a really good idea.

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