Alpha Kopaka

Inspired by Venom's Omega Tahu I decided to create Kopaka in a very similar style, mirroring many of the aspects of his original design. The design intentionally made to mirror certain aspects of Venom's design in order to make a sort of 'similar look' for another member of the 2015 team. The hope being that if they stood together they would look like members of the same wave of figures.

Every Omega needs an Alpha and as such Alpha Kopaka was born :3

The weapons are from Gelu and Metus - intending to represent both his shield seen in the original set along with his ice sword, given a more updated design due to his size, mirroring the double-ended sword that appears to be held in his 2015 appearance. While I do own the original figure, I was unable to find the original head and as such used the larger 2002 variant which actually worked better In my opinion to display him as a bulkier figure.

Surprisingly large for a Toa set this set dwarfs Turahk easily, highlighting that this is the Alpha of the team. The piece count is also surprisingly low and approximately 100 or so pieces meaning it would sell for a little more than CHI Sir Fangar if actually released.

Fun Fact; This set took about 8 hours to build which included over 4 hours of searching through pieces to locate those tiny black ball's that were introduced in the 2001 Toa sets

Kopaka is tired of not being 'Your Toa'

The set features 7 tiny black ball joints and has a focus on articulation. The head is capable of moving forwards and backwards on a double ball joint system enabling maximum pose-ability. The hands are also on a double ball joint system enabling a massive range of pose-ability. He is also articulate at the waist enabling him to turn completely.

Fun fact 2; This was actually built from a majority of parts from an old contest winning MOC designed a few years ago, it was also originally going to include his 'Ice Skates' however I decided against that as the bulky design of Alpha Kopaka made it look out-of-place

Fun Fact 3; Due to the design of the set the upper chest pieces can open up similar to Optimus Prime opening his chest to reveal the Matrix. In this case the chest opens to reveal Alpha Kopaka's spark represented by a trans-blue piece that also forms the upper body

Hope you enjoyed :3

Edit 1;
Currently ordered a lot of new parts to help improve this base design - will be updating with a V2 Alpha Kopaka hopefully over the next few weeks.


my only problem with it is the chest design makes him look female. also I think the Mata mask might work better. other than that it looks great.


well you see kopaka changed his gender so he could marry omega tahu




:- ] Mwahahahahah!

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Yeah, sorry about the chest design - it does look a little female, was trying to make it more like a muscular chest but didn't turn out the best stuck_out_tongue

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Great all we need now is Beta Gali! No but seriously great moc! ~Detox

Thanks, glad you liked it

(Will probably update the chest at some point)

Now all we need is Gamma Gali, Theta Lewa, Delta Onua, Beta Pohatu, and Über Takanuva!

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No,,,,,,,just no. That's as strange as the Female Iron man(Iron woman) marrying Captain America.

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i agree

it shouldnt be alpha kopaka, Gali already took that place


alpha kopaka was here from the start
gali is gamma gali

well, unfortunately for people, there is no pokemon game coming out that is blue with gamma in it

True, but the idea of Alpha Gali came after and Tahu/Kopaka were always shown as bigger rivals than Gali and Tahu. As such Kopaka deserves the Alpha title more in my mind.