Alpha Team 1 Revamps/MOVs (BIONICLE vs Hero Factory: Apocalypse)

This is the second in a series of MOC topics relating to my upcoming feature film, BIONICLE VS Hero Factory: Apocalypse. It should release summer next year on my YouTube channel sillypplproductions2. These versions of the main Heroes are the designs that will be used for the film.

The Pros:

Stormer: Takes the most inspiration from Brain Attack. Removed all trans blue except for the eyes, removed the shield and missiles, and concentrated the silver around the torso to be kinda of like Invasion from Below.
Played by me

Stringer: Minor changes to his Breakout form, mainly added back armor and a TV special-accurate ultrasonic blaster.
Played by: N/A

Bulk: My least favorite. I ran out of silver so I used black for the rest. He’s a mishmash of Breakout, Brain Attack, whatever silver I have, and the 2.0 version he had for about 5 minutes. Hand stored on his butt for when he isn’t using the shooter thingy (it doesn’t have a name, lol). Uses the “Toa” Ekimu shield attachment method.
Played by N/A

The Rookies:

Furno: My favorite, and the most complex. Meant to be a 1:1 scale of his Invasion from Below version. Extra red pin is so he can use both hands, or do a thumbs up. Only major difference between the minifigure and the constraction figure is the eyes, since the yellow matches better.
Played by me

Breez: Takes the most inspiration from Brain Attack, but I switched out her helmet and weapons for her 1.0 versions, made her symmetrical, and added back armor. Also gave her the rocket boosters from Breakout (and Invasion from Below).
Played by @ManeBionicleGali

Surge: MIA (possibly based on Invasion From Below but with original weapons)
Played by: @ManeBionicleGali

The NEXt EVOlution (punniness intensifies)

Rocka: Same style as Furno, but he can wear his jetpack. Made him symmetrical but around the same height as his first Brain Attack form. Removed the trans green in favor of more gold, something I always felt he should’ve had more of in 2013 since it’s his main color. Uses the Ekimu shield attachment method. Shortened the jetpack so he can stand while wearing it. He can take the blasters off of the jetpack and hold them using the red pins stored on his ankles. He can also remove the swords so he can dual wield.
Played by: N/A
Note: Rocka’s jetpack is destroyed before the events of the film and never actually makes an appearance. I simply included it because it’s cool and I wanted to showcase the way he gets his weapons.

Evo: Modified Breakout. Threw in the Brian Attack weapon (and the ability to store it) because that was the only thing I liked about that version. Evo have two yellow hands.
Played by: N/A

Nex: Lightly modified Breakout (because that’s the only one I have). Added back armor and symmetry; removed that dumb laser thing. Nex has two black hands.
Played by: Donovan McComish



Please make sure you’re aware of which forum you’re posting these in. For MOCs, they belong in Lego Creations. Thank you!

(Also, they look pretty nice to me. I enjoy how they look like several different versions of the Heroes over the years all in one I don’t have much in the way of critique to offer, sorry!)


I meant to put the topic there, but I had to remake the topic after a 403 error message kept popping up. Sorry about that!

Thanks! That’s exactly what I was going for.

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As mocs they aren’t that good, as hero factory characters they’re good.
Normally I would complain about them being clones and boring, but since they literally are shells with different armor for different roles its alright.


Yeah, that was another thing I was keeping in mind. Incorporating more Technic would make them have more of a BIONICLE feel, and so I intentionally made them very simple and smooth. The only sort of complicated one is Furno (Rocka’s jetpack doesn’t count because it’s a vehicle):

Emphasis on “sort of.”


bionicles gone for what a month and were already make hero factory moc
but seriously thee guy are pretty cool

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Good stuff!

(Do the "N/A ones need actors? or do they just have no lines?)

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Lol I’ve had these in the works for a while, even before G2 ended.

Thanks! :smiley:


Yep. Stormer, Furno, Breez, Surge, and Nex are the only ones that say anything.

I’ve done something similar to these.
Not bad, but it’d help if you used the secondary colors, like the yellow on Furno.

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Really? Cool!

I had considered that, but aside from extremely limited parts, I was trying to make them a little bit like Invasion from Below (especially Furno and Rocka), with their main color being used on their head, arms, and legs and a metallic color concentrated around the torso.

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These are really cool! I love how you out the shields on their backs like in the show!

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Thanks! I’m glad you noticed. It always seemed weird that LEGO never did that with the sets, since it only requires two black pins or one of those Phantoka+AvToran attachment pieces.

I always used to use pieces from Witch Doctor to revamp my Stormer 2.0, and something I would always make sure I did was put the shield on his back. I never understood why Lego never put it on there.

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Pretty nice, I like how certain elements of their design call back prior versions.

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I love the accuracy on the IFB-inspired designs.

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Thanks! For the most part I just took what I liked about their prior versions and combined that with a little IFB influence. Except Furno, he was obviously just IFB.

Thanks! My only regret is that I couldn’t make one for Breez, since her metallic color was silver, and the boxier add-ons used in most of the others only came in silver once, in ONE set (as far as I can recall, it was BA Bulk), and only one was included.

Although I understand that they’re meant to look sort of like they’re IFB versions, I feel as though they could use some more colors. Stormer and Furno in particular seem a little bland color wise, for no real reason in particular. It’s probably just me.

Anyway, I’ll make sure to give the finished movie a watch!

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I’m starting to agree. I may do a v2 for the team later, since I need to add Surge and also give Bulk a better overall design.

Some possibilities:
Stormer getting trans blue shells or maybe a redone 1.0 weapon (unlikely)
Bulk might get either solid orange shells or silver
Breez is going to get lime shoulders since an IFB design isnt feasible
Surge will probably be blue with trans yellow (since IFB would require the same silver parts as Stormer, Breez, or Bulk’s design would) and will include his pet trash can, Trashy (long story).
I don’t have anymore yellow for Evo, so he’s gotta stay the same.
Nex and Stringer are still just updated versions of their Breakout forms since they weren’t in IFB.
Furno is the closest I’ve gotten to a 1:1 IFB Hero, so he’s staying.

Woo-hoo! If TTV does Chronicler’s Convergence next year, expect a trailer then.

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I think if you implemented those changes above that would help a lot!
And although it might be difficult, a revamped Stormer 1.0 weapon would be great.