Alphonse Elric from Full Metal Alchemist. Also fixed Ed's foot


These are really great, I would totally buy both of these. Good job :+1:

Definitely accurate. I'd personally swap out the the silver tooth piece on the top of his head for a white one.

I love it. The short, chunky arms Alphonse has adds a certain charm to his model.

Woah, I thought it wasn't done and you were just showing us the progress until I saw the last one.

Can't think of any complaints,this is really cool

Awesome. Only thing I'd switch is that silver tooth piece.

I'll take ten.

Proportions seem off.

That's some what necessary if I'm going for the Brickheadz style.

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The what now?

I need to order some more eyes and tiles. Then I plan on doing zero from code geass Yato from noragami,Kyon from Haruhi Roy mustang and I also have a new constraction moc in the works.

It's the kinda chibi esk look the have. With the stubby arms and the big heads.

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Thank you.

These look amazing, but there are a few problems. firstly, the circular disks that you used for the arms on Al just aren't doing it for me. Secondly, the eyes you gave Ed look REALLY Bizarre, I'd recommend replacing those pieces. Other than that, these are just pure quality in my eyes.

GIVE NOW! Haha, these look great.

Looks really good and accurate! :smiley: