Alt Mode MOC spotlight: Takanuva,The Senti of Light (A.K.A. OMEGA TAKANUVA)

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Without pictures actually here, this is spam

It had already been done.

Much better. I like the Moc. It's got a bit of a jumbled color scheme, and the mask is awkwardly large, but overall it's pretty nifty.



It doesn't really scream Takanuva. I would advise going back and looking over the color scheme a bit more. Maybe use 2015 Tahu as a style template and base it off that in terms of how the colors flow.

Its a good base but I don't really think the silver mask of light fits well with the set.

@Matoro Well I can't found any black "T" pieces will I building him.

@RangerSilver6 I had very limited CBSS Parts so I can't really rebuilding it.

@Dreysidel I don't have a Gold or Gunmetal Gray Mask of Light for this guy,and plus it My only MOL that I had.

Nice work with the gear-box! One piece of criticism, though, is the trans-green armour piece. Other than that, nice work!