Alt Models Reviews Umarak the Hunter with The Mask of Control

Today at Alt Modes here are taking a look at set #71310 Umarak the Hunter part of BIONICLE 2016 Winter Wave, Umarak is very different of the way of how he's construction is used to give him more a Windigo type of look,but I pretty that he isn't going to eat any Okotoans,Protectors,Toa or ever Ekimu, but he does have a mouth printing on his crest piece. Now he also have some new recolors also got new pieces like the new torso pieces like with the Toa of this wave with it's gimmick of turning side to side well if you don't want hear it squeaked a lot,and have scary nightmares about it's squeaking.

His other gimmicks are that he can shoot with this really cool bow like of how like the last year sets are,but with something new for this set and with Onua and Kopaka/Mulem sets he come with this TECHINIC wheel piece,but used as a ammo holder good if you don't want to loose any piece also next by the holder he comes with a sword it's also the same piece it's used for

the last Summer Skull Creatures wave,now for he also have one thing before going to the masks it that you can remove his shoulder guards and claws pieces to make a Shadow trap it's might be used for the Kopaka/Mulem set,but it's also might Umarak just bare with this pieces speaking of pieces he have the Piece of Unity that he can unity or he case force them to unity with the Creatures.

Now for the masks that he come with are his Hunter Mask that is a blend of Trans-green and Black to give him more of a evil look,but he also comes with this baby right here, this is the Mask of Control, one of three Legendary Masks of Power, this mask is a mixed of a Egyptian Ruler's Goatee,a Ram's horn, & the Movie Version of Mask of Shadows, it's work for Umarak to putting on,but how it's need someone much EVILER

well he isn't in Gold/Trans-Purple now is it? Since this mask is once wore by The Generation 2 Makuta

now in Size Wise with the Mask of Shadows it's feel small with the masks of both Makuta wore, but Ekimu wore it, he look like of what Makuta before he created the Mask of Ultimate Power.

Now with Umarak is also size up against the Toa Tahu and Lewa that he is much in between since he is the only Villain set of this wave. So Umarak the Hunter is a Amazing Set all together with he new and recolor piece and the Mask of Control as a set up to what is store for Umarak in the upcoming Summer Wave when the Hunter is to become the DESTORYER ; but hey that is a long ways away so this is Spiderus Prime to until all are Ten.


Looks good!

Nice job at showcasing the set as a whole and highlighting certain interesting parts. There are a couple grammar hiccups but great job on the whole!


Nice review you did a good job of covering all aspects correctly so props to you