Altair's Mixels MOCs: Energy Fish

Hello! Here’s a new creation for my Mixels 6 set combination project!
This one can be made using the following characters

As with all the others, this creature doesn’t have a specific name, but has quite a lot of personality! It’s a very old but lively fish, that likes to be helpful in the sea and lead schools of other fish in the right direction when it’s dark, using its very unique energetic lights it has on special appendages on the head.

The head was heavily inspired by a hammerhead shark, of course.

Here are the magnificent fins!

As you can see, this is a very special kind of fish, because it has fingers incorporated into the fins, which means that it’s able to grab things. There’s also a pair of stabilizing white fins, and a place to connect it to a stand, which can be built using some spare parts.

And now some “informative” shots.

Side view.

Top view.

Bottom view.

And, finally, a head closeup.

This creation is one of the most durable I’ve ever built, and overall I quite like it.

I don’t have a picture of the spare parts, but as always keep in mind that this creation was built only from the parts available in the sets I mentioned above, so not everything is ideal. The spare parts were pretty useless for improving the look of the creature.

Comments are welcomed!

Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to check my other Mixels MOC I posted on the Boards. More MOCs coming soon!


This is dank!


Couldn’t have said it any better myself
GG as always!


What a lovely fish. Please don’t eat me.

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Shaping is :ok_hand:.

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Nah, it’s just a nice and cute fish, it doesn’t eat stylised Rahkshi, especially when they’re busy slapping Tahu Nuva with a Kraata :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Pretty nifty. I love the colors here!

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It is so cool, I’m hoping to do something like this, would that be okay with you?

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Go for it! I’m happy to inspire people!

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Very impressive considering the parts you had to work with!
(question: was it hard to make it symmetrical since hardly any Mixel sets are completely symmetrical?)

Fantastic, it looks like something from Subnautica


He’s cool, cute, and posable. 10/10

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Dude I love your mixel MOCs. Mixels have so much MOC potential. I could see them becoming the next big thing among Lego enthusiasts. You’re doing wonders for that trend.


What can I say, it’s a cool concept and executed well. I bet it’s very swooshable

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It kinda of makes me think it’s Akita’s grandma.
Good job bro!


So, does he have a mouth tale?

Yes, it does have a mouth tail. It’s more convenient biologically: the digested organism have less of a travel to make to get pooped out.

Is this getting weird?

But- he’s also got a face mouth?

He uses it to speak most likely.

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@JonBlueFire in this particular case, not really, but if you look at the Desert Wanderer, you’ll see that the arms are asymmetrical, and that was entirely because of parts limitations, and it took me quite a bit to figure out how to make them. Usually, to avoid such things as “OMG, I built a leg but I don’t have the parts to make the other one!”, I just make them simultaneously.

@Rockho now that I think about it, I’ve never swooshed it, I’ll try.
EDIT: it is indeed super swooshable.

@darkbrick999 the white on the tail is just supposed to be a stripe, and it’s just there to add detail. However, if you want to think about it as a mouth, you can.