Alternate Methods of Toa Transformation

So you’re a member of the G1 story team, and the set designers have just shown you the next wave of Toa sets. This time around, as usual, they look almost nothing like the previous set wave

It is your job to come up with an explanation of what happened to them

What do you do?


Trip to Karzhani

“Adaptive Armour” and Time-Traveling Muaka.


Rebuilt by Nynrah ghosts. GMS (Generic Mutagenic Substance). Alternate reality. Different Toa Team. Story year takes place in a dream. All of the above(?)


Bitten by a radioactive rahi

Kapura, Macku, Tamaru, Taipu, Hafu, and Kopeke for Gen 1.5 toa

Tiribomba, Pelagia, Aiyetoro, Kamen, Kumo, and Pakastaa for gen 1.75 Toa :stuck_out_tongue:

post apocalyptic toa with armour they mix matched together from pieces they found on dead matoran and toa and weapons that are more futuristic, stolen from whatever caused the apocalypse

The Toa had somehow fallen into Von Nebula’s black hole that distorted their body parts but got out due to Stormer punching Von Nebula. Then they get flung onto Okoto where Ekimu gives them new armor. Then, they get mutated by Visorak and fall into a vat of Energized Protodermis.

Then they develop adaptive armor, when suddenly the Mask of Life changes their masks and weapons. When travelling to another island they get shocked by the red star while in canisters and their faces become organic.

So yeah, that’s my best explanation.


They went into Toa canisters and when they re-emerged, all their pieces got crushed so the matoran just made Toa copies and they dispose of the old Toa’s bodies.

Transformed by Artahka.

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Deus ex Machina.

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Who is this “Fixed Spelling” and why is he better than Legomaster?

My Toa team’s creation? Deus Ex Machina.

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They didn’t like how they looked before, and so they changed their clothes.

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Yep. Artahka is the answer to all to all our questions. This would make more sense if you read our RP, but you get the point…

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Bring a old character ( toa nuva ) back to life ( toa mistika )

going from g1 to g2

and water mutation

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Absorbing antidermis

The Toa find new masks that cause them to transform. Just keeping it about the masks!

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Makuta attempted to take over the Toa and has left them each warped to varying extents, forcing them to battle with their own inner demons also.

Essentially the Hordika, but its more like the Toa are forced to each battle a Makuta in their mind rather than just their beast-like instincts.