Alternate timeline idea?

So I was thinking of this earlier. What if an alternate timeline, the makuta find a way to take over the minds of the matoran and some toa, while the other to a would live in exile, and be separated from each other, and will have to form a rebellion, while trying not to hurt the matoran?

Please be more specific with the name of the topic and the description, otherwise this will be closed. Something like "should I write my own story?" and "So I was thinking of making my own story about... Ect."

You know what I mean?


A story about you or about your self moc if you have one?

This is something that needs to be addressed in the rules and guidelines.

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Sorry guys I meant to cancel this, but I think I hit the wrong button... frowning


Or maybe- Teridax gains control of the will of all Matoran and Toa, and it comes down to the Dark Hunters and other various species to stop him?

Woah man, you're so deep right now, I can't even see you...

I don't even know what you mean.

I'm saying that you're thinking very deeply and making a good statement

Ooooh ok. Yeah I don't usually get the lingo.
I just say Dandy alot.

Lol I just noticed that

What if the Protectors are the protagonists, and the Toa are really evil?



@Risebell Dandy is quite the exemplary use of vocabulary. Pity no one uses such jolly good language these days.


All your big words hurt my head.

The thesaurus is a good friend of mine

Dinosaurs are pretty cool I have to agree.
Anyways, any thoughts on how Teridax would control the Toa and Matoran once he took control of the Great Spirit Robot?

Isn't it obvious, skull krata. But seriously, I'd say the best way was to poison the water supplies with antidermis and wait.

To be honest, he probably could have just used some magical universe controlling ability to force them to obey him.

That's what I always loved about Teridax. He always seemed to hold back what he could actually do. The entire time you always felt there was some trick up his sleeve that he never revealed.


Yeah, that's Teridax for you.