Alternate Universes

Can you confirm whether or not these alternate universes exists?

  1. A universe in which Nidhiki never Betrayed Lhikan during the Toa/Dark Hunter War, fought alongside him and stopped Teridax’s Plan to overthrown Mata Nui thus stopping the Shattering by letting Mata Nui do his task.
  2. A universe in which Angonce knew that Velika transferred his Body into a Po-Matoran body and transferred his conscience into Kazi’s body to prevent any plan he had, and preventing the “Evolution” of the Mind of all the inhabitants inside the Matoran Universe.
  3. A universe in which Lesovikk didn’t hesitated in that crucial moment and saved all his teammates and allowed the events you narrated in Lesovikk’s Dreams Of Destruction vision to fulfill.

I ask this to ad more story to an already perfect universe thanks!


I certainly am not Greg, but the way I interpret an alternate universe is an alternative chain of events caused by a difference in solutions, and that even one small change from the “prime” universe would be classified as an alternate one, so even a universe where Midak Skyblasters would be called something different could be classified as one.
I don’t know if that makes any sense, I feel like I just threw up a bunch of words.:laughing:
Anyhow, even though the universes you describe haven’t been seen in the canon storyline, I think it is reasonable to assume that they do exist.


There is endless universes. I don’t think you need Greg to confirm that


There is an universe for everything. There is even one where Voriki is canon and Kopaka is the Toa of Ice Cream.




I mean, yeah; Tumult and co. are right on point here, but just to go a step further, it’s an averages thing. If there are universes that caused drastic shifts in canon that were seen in the storyline, then there will be a proportionate number of more “minimal” universes, as there’s no ability to choose your destination, so to speak, for most living Olmak users. As it is, we tend to see the more “drastic” ones because thy make better drama; you don’t see a short story about the one where chutespeak never evolved, as an example. :slight_smile:

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Although if you just wanted this 3 to be on BS01, there’s enough alt. universes/dimensions/realities on the site, I think :smiley:

No, there are only cannon stuffs.

@Ace so would the Toa of ice cream be a fun and loving Kopaka? Would that even still be Kopaka? Or would Kopaka be silent and calculating still?

@Toa_Hakaatu You’re asking the big questions. I want to know what flavor it is.