Alternative Kaita?

Is this possible for Toa Mata to create other Toa Kaita than Akamai and Wairuha? For example Gali+Pohatu+Onua and Lewa+Tahu+Kopaka (pic related)?


I actually love these. They look like such solid builds and they’re so different from the ones we got. The only issue is that it gets rid of their functionality. If they still had functions, I would give them a 10/10.

Perhaps try giving their weapons functionality? Reincorporate the running ability? They would be worlds better, in my eyes at least, if they had something like this.

All in all, I still really like them. 8/10.

I can’t wait to see what Greg has to say about the alternate kaita as well, to stay on topic. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks! I wanted to make them as clear as it’s possible, even in cost of functions, but I’ll may try to do gear function next time :wink: Also, the Pohatu+Gali+Onua one is made by me and some friends gathered in small meeting :slight_smile:


Have you considered names? The Pohatu+Onua+Gali one especially deserves a name :stuck_out_tongue:


Hah, well, they were called Kaita of Bionicle Group and New Kaita of the Warsaw Court, but even for Bionicle lore, where names such as Pridak or Vamprah exists, these are not very good for them :wink:

So maybe let me call them Repua (for Gali+Pohatu+Onua, from word “repo”, marsh *in Maori) and Mahanu (from word “pāmahana”, temperature *in Maori). I think it’s good enough for 2001 vibes :slight_smile:
*(“in Maori” means - Mr. Google said so)


Per the question of Alternative Kaita fusions, I believe that is has been stated somewhere that any fusion is possible, provided it conforms to the rules of a Kaita. BS01 says, “A Toa Kaita is a being formed by the melding of the bodies and minds of three Toa of different elements…All Toa have the capacity to form into Kaita. The combination of three Toa also results in a new Kanohi, which contains the powers of all three Kanohi used in the formation. Each Toa Kaita is a separate entity from the next, and each is bestowed a unique name and title.”

So, by that logic, any combination of three Toa–provided that they are of different elements–is possible.

Anyway, these are excellent combinations. I prefer the Gali/Pohatu/Onua combo (something about the symmetry and color blocking really appeals to me), but both are very well-constructed, and look like they could have been combination models of their own. I’d like to see more combinations from you! Nice work!


These actually look better


Thanks! There are some of those, but not all of them has good quality photos, but maybe I’ll gather all of them and make separate post for all together :slight_smile: I’ll make better ones for Bohrok Nui for sure!
About the answer - well, I’m not so sure. Even if any Toa trinity is possible to create Kaita, we have to remember Toa Mata are very unique ones. So maybe Artakha created them with ability to combine with any of them, or just in known squad. Anyway, they had visions of Akamai and Wairuha, and no other Kaita - I think Toa Mata were “programmed” to create only these ones, sadly.
But let me wait for mr. Greg to answer :wink:


Wow these are truly amazing! Great designs that far surpass the originals.


Wait, wasn’t this supposed to be an ask topic?

Did somebody move it…?

It was, however the question has an easy answer (It’s yes. Any six Toa can create a Kaita) and the conversation ended up being about the MOCs. So rather than close it, I’ve opted to move it.


Are there any instruction guides for these by chance?

Ah, sorry for a year of delay!
No, as far as I remember there are no instructions for those, but I made Akamai and Wairuha in same style, and there are instruction films on Bionicle Maskposting on Facebook

Very nice combo models. I think they look a lot less clunky than the official Mata Kaita, particularly in the legs.

It’s unfortunate that they lose some leg articulation and lack any gear function. However, I suspect that without the leg-swinging function they may also be more stable?

Gali+Pohatu+Onua is my favorite of the two: it manages to mix the different colors very well. The ankles also look a bit less awkward, though I do think the usage of the Mata heads on the second one is really neat.

On the question of whether other Toa Mata Kaita are possible, the answer is definitely yes for the established G1 canon. But it’s worth noting that, in the earlier versions of the 2001 story, Akamai and Wairuha may have indeed been the only Toa Kaita possible, since the way Kaita were formed was quite different from the current canon explanation:

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That looks really cool and I wish those were the official ones

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well, i mean the color blocking is certainly a ton better than the actual toa kaita. and i do like the general vibe of the one on the left.

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