Alvonous the Toa of lightning update

The latest version to me self MOC, Alvonous the Toa of lightning......


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Well i cant see anything
try using Imgur!

Yeah that link seems to be broken, it sounds cool but I can't see anything. Did someone turn off the lights? stuck_out_tongue

@Creep @TheAceRailgun

I fixed it.


Much better, thanks for that.

Well from what I can see the MOC looks pretty good, though the legs are little bulky, unless that's just a trick of the light.

Color scheme's a little odd but I like what you have going on with the upper torso. Arms definitely need refinement and the legs could do with some bright colors to make them match the rest of the build. The white spikes overall feel out of place considering the robotic/industrial look the MOC has.
Not a bad start.

Uhh....the link leads to a Sonic video.

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