Am I allowed to do a weekly MOC topic?

So I had this idea that I wanted to do for a while and I would like to start it now that 2019 has started.
The idea is that I post a smaller MOC every week on my Twitter, but I would also like to do a topic here on the Message Boards, where I keep uploading the images of these little digital MOCs and links to the LDD-files for them.
Is this allowed, would there be any problems?

Sounds similar to what a lot of people have done before, in terms of a frequently updated MOC topic.

So if that’s the case, no problems as far as I can see.

As long as you’re not double posting I don’t see an issue with it, lots of people have “collections” of MoC’s in a single topic, I don’t see any issues with continuously updating one.

EDIT: As pointed out, I’m not always the brightest past 7:00 PM. Totally allowed.

I thought people could Double Post as long as it was an update from the creator of the topic. Is this an exception to that?

No, you are correct, the only exception for double posting is if a user is making an update to their topic in creative content other than that, its a no go. The rules for double posting can be found in this topic: Double Posting Rules

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So in this case I would be allowed to double post is this correct?

Only if you’re posting an update to the topic like another moc or an update to an older moc that you already posted in said topic. Otherwise, if you’re just responding to multiple people who commented on the topic, put the responses in one single post

Ok thanks