Am I the only one who caught this

So I’m watching Nexo Knights and as the early episodes went on i noticed something. No it wasn’t the same Lego storytelling we’ve seen before but every so often they will quote a movie I love. Ever so often they will slip in a line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. To name a few early on in episode one or two one of the bots starts saying “I’m Not Dead! I’m Not Dead!” In the episode with delegates who wish to invest with the kingdom the bot “That is how we know the world to Banana shaped” In episode 7 the maiden named Zoot is a reference to the move as well as the line by the rock monster who says she should be punished. The Black Knight’s line in episode 8 “None shall pass” another refense I’ve honestly found more joy trying to catch these lines than the story does this go on in season 2.


Yeah I’ve got no doubt these are intentional. Pretty fantastic that LEGO gets to reference this kind of stuff that flies over most people’s heads.


i have known about this for a while, TV trope even mentions this.

I wish that lego dismembered him for comedic effect, that would be funny


Watch the episode they kind of do dismember his mech

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i think we all would have died laughing if someone were to dub the Nexo Knight scene with the black knight Monthy Python dialog.

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Somebody MUST make that dub

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Question: Are the season three episodes on youtube?
Can you make a link for them?

Not really (unless you speak dutch), but kisscartoon has up to episode 5 (or 25, I guess) at the moment.

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