AMA: Limited Varderan Edition Steam Sale Bundle Sponsored by Doritos, Mountain Dew and Taco Bell

Continuing the discussion from Ask Meso Things'n'such:

I'm editing a podcast right now, figured it'd be a good time to fall under peer pressure.

Ask me questions I guess, the second you cease to entertain me I will close this topic- so make it good.
I'm going to roll a dice to determine if I think you're annoying or not. If I find you annoying I'm banning you, total srs face.


First Question: Is this AMA copyrighted by Varderan?


How many times have you fired Eljay, exactly?


How cool am I?

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Are you guys part of the illuminati since you're sponsored by Doritos and Mountain Dew?

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where did the idea for autopsy come from?


How does one become sponsored by Audible?

Can I be let back inside? It's cold out here.

Oh, and a pay raise! Can I have that, too?!


Actually I believe we're owned by Activision.

Lost count after 30

Well since you're asking that question I'm going to have to assume: not very.

I am the Illuminati.

It was created back when there was a pretty dead point in the BIONICLE community. There was nothing interesting going on and we were grasping at straws to find something to talk about. Co-currently we realized that our nesting grounds for discussion at the time: BZPower, had sort of fallen into a nasty pit where all people did was start fights and insult each other so our outlet for discussions had to be dispersed elsewhere.

Autopsy was originally created to "revive" some interest in the community. The shows initial premise was to bring to light something controversial that many fans were debating. For example, the first Autopsy was about iBionicle's Bring Back Bionicle campaign- something that many fans found hard to agree on. I'd take this topic, bring it to light so that the community was informed on it, then give my stance on it and let the people in the comments bash it out and talk about something other than dead fan projects. This was continued with the next few Autopsies as well with: The Monopoly of BZPower and Elitism and Overzealous fans- all topics that were controversial and debatable.

It was an attempt at getting people to keep talking about BIONICLE by combing through the remains of the community. An Autopsy, if you will.

You just apply for it, like every sponsor ever. It's pretty rare for sponsors to actually reach out for you, most places have sponsor programs that you can just sign up for. Obviously you have to reach a certain percentage, they'll reject your submission if you don't have the proper metrics.

Not until you learn to stop peeing on the carpet.



Which was your favorite protector?
What is your favorite color?
Were you ever in a choir group?
How do you personally feel about the Marvel Reboot?

That's what they all say.

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What are your favorite books, movies, and/or tv shows?

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If it helps, I think everyone is cool (except Eljay. He's like my dog, always pees on the carpet) on the messageboards #brownnosing stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

What happened if your AMA is really sponsored by Mountain Dew and Doritos?

If there was one thing about the universe you could change; be it laws, public school, your hair colour, society, or death it self, what would it be? And why?

What made you change your name from Varponok to Varderan?

Also, I love your answer to the Autopsy question. Those really were some dark days.



Var, what would you do if I made an AMA topic?


If you could go to any planet in the Solar System, what would it be?

Out of 12, what's your third favorite food?

Are you a gangster? It may sound weird at first but here me out. I was at my local Walmart and I saw a guy who looked like you but with a ton of gangster swag. He was wearing a ton of red with those weird slipper sandals. He had a hood on too.