Amazing Chronicles!'s M.O.Cs

Hello this is Amazing Chronicles! and this are some of my best M.O.Cs that I have so far.
I do know that I am quite a newbie moccist and I really need a lot of harsh criticism so dont be afraid to tell me that they suck.
I'll always be updating them and makeing new M.O.Cs so keep checking back for more!
you can find their bios on their respective videos on my channel Amazing Chronicles!


these remind me of some from Biotube and from other MOCcers, IDK about the aesthetics

Really? Which moccers?

well there's...


Who else...

I guess that's the only one on the top of my head ATM...

Oh I'm actually a big fan of him! You should see his giant size Mocs like the Minotaur, they absolutely blow me away. I do feel like he does too many female Mocs the same way though

Memphis could be a bit less cluttered. I think the best is probably Amon.

Thanks for the feedback! I have been thinking about making Memphis's shoulder width bigger

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