Ambush The Dark Hunter

Ambush Is A Dark Hunter Made From The Parts Of Dead Dark Hunters He Was Made As A Last Resort Dark Hunter He Has No FeelIngs And Can Not Feel Pain Or Emotions


Take a step back from that edge, you might get yourself hurt.

Anyways, the MOC itself isn’t that bad. Obviously the color scheme needs some work, but overall it’s pretty solid.


That chest plate is some serious heresy.



That’s all that needs to be said.


it made out of dead dark hunter parts its going to be discoloured

Shouldn’t this be moved to the Lego Creations category?

Anyway, this moc is pretty swell. What exactly did you do to that chestplate, though? I mean, it certainly fits the aesthetic you were going for, but I can’t figure out what happened for the life of me.

Lighter and a fork = Edge

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Right, forgot about that part. Then perhaps make the MOC less symmetrical?

RIP the chest plate…

It’s pretty good, actually. I like the “undead” feeling. My only commentary would be the color scheme, it needs to be more uniform.

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yes, yes it should

Moved Category to Lego Creations - BioSquire

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I like the chest and the build, but the colors need to be fixed. Also, its edgier than a razor blae.

Aside from the textual heresy that makes my inner English major die in pain, the MOC is atrociously miscolored. The construction itself is decent, don’t have many major issues with that, but the color scheme really and truly doesn’t work.

And yes I do see the story. It’s called a story excuse and doesn’t get rid of that portion of the MOC looking bad :stuck_out_tongue:

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The build is good. Colorscheme could use some work.

I don’t like that chestplate at all, it sets off my trypophobia a bit

What if I don’t want to ambush the dark hunter?

It looks alright, but it’s a bit cluttered. The chestplate is pretty original, but I have to wonder… what is that whitish… substance… on the back in the first picture?


it was meant to be blood but it failed