Amiibo Fighting League: We Support Gambling

So welcome, one and all, to the Amiibo Fighting League. In the grand tradition of this glorious sport, four brave fighters will be duking it out to determine who is the most worthy champion. Occasionally, Pig and I will be taking some amiibos, throwing them into the ring under the silliest conditions possible for an extremely extended period of time to train, and then setting them loose on each other in a 1v1, single elimination tournament.

We also encourage tons of gambling on this blood sport as well. Bet all your virtual money on amiibos.

For now, we have four brave amiibo contestants, who have all started at level one (and are currently at level five or so as we speak). These four will train until they each reach level 50, and then the real fight will begin.

Here are our contestants, with their names and the characters they're doing an extremely poor job of playing

MIKEHAGGER (Grey Bowser): MikeHagger leads off this group of extremely talented fighters. So far, he's shown the most potential out of the group, for no real other reason than he's the only one with the intellect to not stand right next to a Bob-omb when it's about to explode

SPAMUS (Purple Samus): Spamus Aran, famed bounty hunter, who has mastered the art of the side tilt and basically nothing else. Still, she (will, eventually) be a force to be feared later on, as amiibo Samus fully charged Neutral B breaks shields at level 50. Her missiles and general love of hopping around randomly make her difficult to hit

BONQUIQUI (Black Kirby): Bonquiqui's best talent is perhaps his intense shortness; none of the amiibos have figured out how to deal with a short contestant yet. Bonquiqui's one weakness appears to be his undying trust for strangers, his terrible habit of walking up to opponents and doing nothing has often gotten him in trouble

BUBBLEBASS (Yellow/Pink Zelda): Out of all the contestants, Bubblebass has shown the greatest desire to use items. She figured out that items are useful quicker than any of the contestants, which can serve as both a hindrance and a boost. It's good because she can kill her opponents with items, but bad because she has a habit of picking up items and blowing herself up.

Also, for anyone curious, a team of four level 9 Ganondorfs absolutely demolishes a team of level 13 or so amiibos



....and these are all yours?

Meanwhile I only have one orange Pikachu because I found no purpose in their existence

(other than to get rid of some equipment I'll never use)

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Half are mine. And obv, the purpose of amiibos is to participate in the AMIIBO FIGHTING LEAGUE.

That and to give me weapons in Hyrule Warriors



Although I might pick up a Fire Emblem amiibo to go with Codename: STEAM

Dood, you should get a Yoshi amiibo, chage it to the purple skin, and name it Ridley.
Because that's what I'm gonna do if I ever get one.

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Get a Link.
Make it Dark Link.
Name him Edgelord.
Teach him to edgeguard and such.

Also use Amiibos to live like Micheal Vick.

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