Amphibious Assault ARMHEAD

Hello all, was a bit stuck on a Moc to enter to Cordax’s contest but then remembered the fun I’d had reading @Bukkey’s Armhead wiki and that I’d wanted to make an Armhead for a while. I’ve forgotten to ask permission to build one but hopefully it isn’t too canon breaking :stuck_out_tongue:

chunky and sadly a bit messy
but the chunky part is more important :smirk:

The coastline had three guardians watching over it.

No one talked about how long they had stood with tussock filled dunes swathed around their corrosion pitted ankles. But the burnt out husks had stood for decades, frozen in their last movements.

They were called the Trinity Armhead’s. Many more than just three had emerged from the ocean and started their attack on the beach but only these three remained standing, the dunes slowly shallowing up wreckage on the ground as if only Trinity ever existed.

The northernmost was missing it’s hull section, reduced to a pair of legs with metal splayed like flower petals from it’s waist. Now an ideal colony for seabirds. The southernmost was on it’s knees with waves crashing over it at high tide and slowly painting it algae green. Then there is Middle trinity, standing whole, high in the dunes, half turned back to the ocean as if urging on it’s long gone forces. Middle Trinity’s exterior was blackened and distorted like hardened lava and right on the crown carapace one of it’s horns was sheared right through.

The entire beach was off bounds, with a perimeter of rusted wire with paint chipped, worm eaten signs declaring the area filled with unexploded ordnance. But decades had passed and memories faded. Those with lingering fear of these otherworldly structures would content themselves with running to the leg and leaving a mark. The fire damaged metal of Middle Trinity now was a kaleidoscope of colour, bold tags and signatures spanning decades covering the surface. The beach and the three standing mecha was frequented by children, ever curious, conjuring up stories, fighting imaginary Armhead’s as they sat in the dark and equipment stripped interiors of what once was a threat to the very towns they lived in.

—Sacred Plant Empire War Archives—

Subject Log: 60022022
Category: War technology (Former), Armhead, Navy.
Era: 1991 Sacred Plant Empire and Federation Of Liz Border Dispute
Title: King Dytiscidae Class Armhead

After initial success of marine hybrid armhead’s of the Hydroscaphidae and Dytiscidae type Armheads Plant Navy High Command opened up contracts for an Armhead capable of 2500m dive capacity and able to carry the new 30m railgun and 1.5m kinetic absorption skin. Intended role was convoy hunting and amphibious assault support. Contract was awarded to [TEXT MISSING] …problems with buoyancy cells leading to multiple units being written off, the 2a variant was designed to remedy these problems. The first and second amphibious battalions were redirected north for [TEXT MISSING: Archiver note: document has been damaged by fire]

Manufacturing priorities were redirected to air units to make up for losses in the 1992 campaign and back to the proven successful third generation Hydroscaphidae. Production stopped at the 2b variant, remaining units were phased out with the last in 2007. No known complete examples survive in Sacred Plant Empire Territory with only the upper bridge and carapace of King Dytiscidae 1c “House Of Gold” on display at the Isle of Blur Patriotic Museum. Insufficient data is available regarding surviving examples in foreign territories.


WOW It’s very Nice MOC! :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:
And I really LOVE your original information to it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :revolving_hearts:

P.S. :wink:
I’ve translate your character information to Japanese Armhead member in Twitter!
they had very glad and excite, and Thanks to you! :heart_eyes: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :star_struck: :star_struck: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:


I like the use of visors carapaces on the legs; they provide some nice shaping


This is really cool, i like the backstory too!

I agree


This looks pretty nice, it has that intimidating feel you’d want for these things.

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I like how the armhead has no arms


Uh, *adjusts glasses Aktually it has stumps with guns directly attached!

It’s Exo-Force bridge walker inspired!

Oh forgot to say but thanks so much, I am really glad to hear that people like it :star_struck: