An Abridged Script of TTV episode 217's cast list

So I created an abridged version of a script based on the Bionicle Movie Cast that the TTV Channel did in the 217th podcast:

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I’ve enabled comments for all viewers, no request needs to be sent. Feel free to add any suggetions to it. Let’s make this the best…

(Is best the right word? Yes? No? Anyway…)

BEST Bionicle movie ever.


Dude. You got me hyped. The I read the thing. Then I remembered. Now I am sad.

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Probably make a poster based on this movie concept.

Oh gosh I totally should! I’ll get on that later and add it as the first page.

Editted title so you aren’t listing the TTV cast of 217 BCE.

I added some TAKUUAAAAs.

“Directed by M. Night Shymalan” was a massive twist.
I lost it at Megan Fox as Gali.

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I love this so much :smile: