An Analysis Of The Bara Magna Vehicles

A while back, I made a topic about the Karda Nui vehicles, discussing the issues they’d run into with real-world physics. It made for what, I thought, was a pretty enjoyable discussion. But of course, 2008 wasn’t the only Bionicle year to feature vehicles. 2009 also had a slew of full-size vehicles for the constraction figures to ride.

However, the vehicles from 2009 were all land vehicles. Designing a land vehicle is nowhere near as complicated as designing an aircraft. When it comes down to it, all you have to do is take a couple rotating axles, put wheels on either end, give it a chassis, and boom. You’ve got something that can move on land. Of course, you do have to take the terrain into account, but still.

Therefore, it’s pretty clear that the Bara Magna vehicles adhere to the laws of physics rather well. I mean, look at the Cendox V1.


This is essentially a snowmobile, except it’s driven on desert sand (a sandmobile?). Desert sand can be rather loose, but then again, so can snow. That’s why dirt bikes and snowmobiles have suspensions and similar mechanisms built in: so they can deal with loose or uneven terrain.

Only point of note is that, if a snowmobile goes across a hard surface for too long, it can wear down the front skids. So Crotesius should probably avoid driving his vehicle on rocky surfaces.

As for the Kaxium V3…


No real problems here, either. This vehicle can essentially serve as a motorcycle with a sidecar, but when the vehicles break apart, they can just function as their own separate dirt bikes.


The Baranus V7 is meant to be a chariot, meaning it doesn’t have a motor of its own. And, once again, no laws of physics are broken here. The Spikit might get tired after a while, but then again, all animal-drawn vehicles have to deal with that.

Unfortunately, the Thornatus V9 seems to present some actual problems.

This is like a scaled-down dragster. You’ve got a humanoid driver in a cockpit, and it’s really streamlined, and it seems to be comparable in size to the Axalara T9 from Karda Nui. The front half of the vehicle seems way too small and flat to house an engine, so it’s probably underneath Perditus’ seat. But here’s the thing: in The Legend Reborn movie, we see three Glatorian riding it. A vehicle of that size carrying three beings that probably weigh even more than a human…yeesh. Like I said, the area under the driver’s seat seems like the most likely place for the engine to be situated, but it would have to be a REALLY powerful one.

Oh well, we’ve already established that the Axalara T9’s engines can exert a force of seven million pounds of thrust, so that’s not such a stretch. As a side note, the smallest roadworthy car in our world is only two feet tall, two feet wide, and four feet long. And its driver can legally drive it at 25 miles an hour on roads-so he can’t go outside residential areas. :stuck_out_tongue: That speed is nowhere near as fast as the Thornatus V9 goes in TLR.

Fortunately, the Skopio XV-1 fares a lot better.


Since this war machine has only one passenger and is a lot bigger, it has plenty of space to house engines powerful enough to move its treads. And when it’s walking, no problem there, either-provided that its treads aren’t too loose and they don’t become rollerblades. The Skopio monster we see in TLR rectifies this issue by having those spikes at the bottom of its legs, implying that it walks on its claws. But it’s still believable that the Skopio XV-1 vehicle can function like it’s advertised.

So yeah. All things considered, the Bara Magna vehicles (with the possible exception of the Thornatus V9) are a lot more realistic than some of the other Bionicle vehicles. But then again, none of them ever tried to fly, so there’s that.


lol the only reason that they could work irl. :stuck_out_tongue:
I read the other topic, and it seemed like none of them could actually work.



begone, logic


Reading this, I wonder how well the Thornatus’ and Skopio’s “transformation” from one configuration to another would actually work, either at standstill or in motion. I can actually buy the Skopio’s if I squint. The Thornatus though… I’d imagine if you were going at speed when you went from the narrow mode to the wide mode you’d flip the vehicle. But, I’m also hardly a physics student, so maybe it’d work out fine. :woman_shrugging:


You should make such a topic for Ussanui, so we can absolutely tear it apart

On the engine problem: smaller half of Kaxium is too skeletal to have a one, aside from those little Mistika boosters at the rear.
As for the Thornatus, I believe its engines also could be placed on side wheels, mybe within the wheel pieces themselves, as they are pretty large.
I think those vehicles supposed to have vey small and very powerful engines.

That’s an interesting question. As all parts move with the same speed, it would be no different from transformation at standstill. But during it side wheels move perpendicularly to vehicle’s possible movement direction, thus scratching the ground. Such a disturbance while moving on high speeds might cause some drifting or flip th craft, I believe that’s totally possible.


Hah! Maybe I should. Or the Boxor, or the Visorak Battle Ram…

Well, I mean, the Skopio turns from a walking machine to a treaded tank. I don’t imagine it’s meant to transform while in motion. And even if it was, it’s a treaded vehicle. Those aren’t meant to go very fast anyway.

I’m pretty sure the “closed” wheel position was meant to make it more streamlined and therefore faster, so maybe it wouldn’t be a huge problem if it transformed while it was starting to speed up. But when it was slowing down from a high speed, then that would be an issue. Maybe the control panel for it has some kind of gauge for when it’s safe to transform the vehicle from “standard” to “dragster” mode.


Are you telling me making a hoverbike out of 6 hollow pieces of armor is a problem?

True. Although now I can’t get the imagine of a wildly rollerblading flailing Skopio out of mind as it tries to transform whilst driving.

The “open” position is supposed to be the faster mode, although your point still stands.

Another good question: can we expect Mad Max-style vehicles to have safety features aside for a roll cage? :thinking:


I mean, if the wheels fold BACKWARDS, then that might help somewhat, if it’s transforming while slowing down from a really fast speed.

Huh. I guess not. I guess it’ll have to be up to the driver to know how to properly operate his or her vehicle.

You know it’s funny, but I was just thinking about the Bara Magna vehicles the other day. I was wondering what they used for fuel, do they mine for resources, or do they burn plant matter? Being in a desert I wouldn’t imagine it’d be the latter. :thinking:

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It would make sense if one of the tribe’s exports was a fuel source.

Maybe it’s like on old Westerns-which are also set in deserts-and people see oil as a treasure.

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yeah that would make sense, Glatorian could fight over fuel resources.

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If it was harder to get one’s hand on, it would make sense that certain outlaws like Sahmad and Fero would keep to animal based transportation.

Telluris probably “liberated” a huge amount of fuel to power his Skopio though.