An April Fool's Day Poem

So I wrote some stuff up in my free time today about the day’s events. Here you go. Possibly more to be added when I feel like it.

April Fool’s, a most wondrous day
Where all the jesters come out to play
Today’s monument event is the rise of an empire
Led by none other than the one who was fired

For Eljay had schemed, and plotted, and raged
Waiting for the day he and his TTE would reveal
And take all of the message boards by storm
Forcing members to rebel or kneel

But out of the chaos comes a cult so proud
Hoping to stop the emperor with their own crowd
A cult that rose up with a very specific cause
Ready to strike in the name of TTV

*Secret verse not to be revealed unless it comes true:
But wait again, there’s yet another resistance group
Less prominent and grand, but just as in the loop
Only this one does not proclaim themselves as cultists
Instead they fight for clean freedom and justice
Not a crazed ruler or an almighty ideal
But for the new age of TTV, like the Agents of Shield


Pretty accurate. Noice. 9/10

Its great!

This is very odd, but this poem reminds me of vezok’s poem from skakdi life. I seriously have no idea why I am thinking of that moment.

we won, the emperor was a fraud

This is quite nice. Describes the events quite well.

I wonder if there will be one of these this year.
It would be a lot longer…

Perhaps, but I think the chaos might already be a bit too big to translate properly into such terms. :stuck_out_tongue:

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