An Elegant Helmet For A More Civilized Age

Yep. It’s made of duct tape.

The front is made out of a flimsy mask from a Boba Fett Halloween costume. It was pretty bad. I only got it because it was 75% off. I just covered it with tape to both strengthen and color it. The back presented more of a challenge though.

I just took a piece of printer paper and covered it in tape. Once it had some durability, I taped it to either end of the mask. The back half of the dome is only tape. I put a bunch of strips connecting the paper to the top of the mask, then put tape on the inside to finish it. Of course, I put a bunch of layers until it was relatively solid.

To finish off, I just covered the inside with tape.

It’s an executioner style of helmet. Here’s the inspiration:

Lastly, here’s a video of it:

It’s super cheap and flimsy, but it does its job. And hey, it’s made of the most durable stuff on earth :skull: :+1:


Lookin’ good!

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Construction from Tape?
Your my man…


Now you need some armour

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How did I know you had made this by simply looking at it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This looks pretty cool! Good work!

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sick helmet

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looks amazin’ man

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Yee. That’ll be a lot harder to make.

I donno. People constantly use me and I end up in the back of a garage? Thanks though :smile:



That’s actually very impressive!

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TBH looks pretty bad

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Yee. It looks better both in person and from a distance. Idek why the pictures came out so bad…


Oh. This isn’t Republic Commando. Move along, then.

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