An evergrowing tale (a create your own adventure)

the story I am writing is somewhat of a choose your own adventure.
But with some differences
instead of choosing between option A or B
you give a small description of what the protagonist should do
or what he/she say when the time comes around
as for limitations
please keep the ideas and thoughts of the protagonist down to earth
and make sure they are not in first person
i.e I raise aloft my sword and magical gumballs and robotic puppies fly out
the drawf lifts up his helmet and turns out he is made of chocolate
the two headed dragon goes into sing and dance in front of you, a blind hermit and his pet bird

we are not looking for stuff like that
we are looking more for
strike the wolf in the abdomen with your sword
show how strong you are by challenging a strong looking member in the tavern
you need money… so try and find some honest work for some honest pay

but when it comes to speaking try to keep it to the first person
i.e I am trying to find info about this band of thieves
Could you let me purchase a tankard of mead
Where is the nearest inn
but keep these down to earth as well, but these can be a tad less loose like white lies or just something that makes you sound insane

when you see bold itallics it shall be time to gives some ideas and thoughts

now let us get on with the story

as you slowly open your eyes, you question where you are
You survey around the room that you have strangely awoken in.
The walls are made of a stone brick which has aged from the unstoppable strength of time
the floor that is made of stone which is rough (probably the same reason as for how the walls look)
You finally notice that you have been sleeping on a plank of wood connected to the wall by two chains implanted to the wall, the wood is worn and splintered (be glad you have no splinters on you)
you then notice that the door has two bars blocking the way.
Then you realise

You are inside a jail cell

you decide to sit up and obverse your temporary (or permanant) abode.
there is a grate right next to the bed
a plate with what you can guess is a loaf of bread
and to the furthest edge of your cell is a bucket with some water filling it to about half and a third up.
you decide to try to kill some time in your "home"


You decide to get up and walk, and try to lift the grate

You lift it up,there’s a dark tunnel underneath it

you try to lift up the grate only for it to be fixated in place, you try again to see if it is just been temporary glued in place by rust but to no avail

but there seems to be some sort of tunnel underneath it
it is out of hands reach but you do see that the stone has been stained by some sort of liquid

your best thought is that this is where the bucket in your cell is emptied
you think you see a rat, gross

also if your Idea does not come into play
it might get some addition into it

Your starving, so the rat looks like a quick meal…

you try to reach for the rat but to no avail, as you watch the rat scurry away to its potential freedom
so looks like the bread must satisfy you for now
you take this as a minor blessing as you don’t though where that rat has been
but you can somewhat say that about the bread as well