An explanation of my new story

I felt like this topic would have no other place to go, so I put it here.

So the new story, or in other words, what everything will be based on from now on, will feature 6 protagonists, and 1 major villain. The 6 protagonists are as follows:

  • Kardymis
  • Ferann
  • Komao
  • Garstang (New)
  • Unnamed archer
  • Unnamed, undecided character

The villain will soon be revealed, and a WIP topic for him has been made here.

The idea of the story is a basic: unlikely band of heroes form to defeat villain scenario. Heads up though, not all of the characters will be made into MOCs. The villain in the story is going to be unlike any villain before. He will be smart, strong, and will be far from easily defeated.

Hopefully I will make literature topics for the story, though I hate writing, and artwork topics for the unknown characters. If you would like input into the story, or have any ideas on how to improve anything, please let me know.


I would hesitantly use the word ‘any’ since it’s not too uncommon to find nearly unbeatable villains.

Sounds interesting tho.

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