An interesting theory about BIONICLE

So, i was watching a recent reveiw and realized something.

What if the creatures are a peice of the toa?

Now, you might be mad, but think about. The creatures are supposed to complete the toa. The toa are only “complete” when they are united. What if the creatures are a peice of the toa? A small chunk of them in elemental form. Feel free to talk about it.


Well I guess it’d have to be an either metaphorical piece or a spiritual piece because the Toa certainly don’t look like they were ripped in half.

True, i probably should have been more clear.

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So you mean like the Creatures and the Toa were once six beings who split for some reason? Or maybe the Creatures were of a different form and took part in creating the Toa, causing them to revert. They could’ve so the Toa can protect the Okotans while Umarak was running about chasing the Creatures.
Is that what you mean?

I don’t think that the creatures are a piece of the Toa so much as they are beings of the same nature; sentient incarnations of the elements. As beings of the same nature, it would make sense to me that they could temporarily combine to produce a being with greater capabilities. Plus, since the creatures are ancient and well-versed in using their power while the Toa are definitely not, the combination could allow the creatures to transfer some of that knowledge and hence ‘unlock’ the Toa’s ability to use greater powers by showing them how. It’s not so much unlocking powers as being shown by someone with greater experience something that you could have done all along but did not know how to. This makes uniting at some point essential for the Toa to get a grip on their powers in a decent timeframe, but after a couple of good united fights the Unity mode wouldn’t be as necessary anymore and the creature’s value as separate, similarly powerful entities becomes greater from a tactics standpoint. This is especially true when multiple objectives need to be met at the same time, such as defending the ancient city and charging after Umarak.


But what about Umarak and Agil, then? They’re both elemental creatures too.

EDIT: Umarak was never confirmed to be the creature of shadows, my bad.


I think the Toa and Creatures are just separate entities that work together. Okoto draws their power from the Toa, and by extension I’m assuming the Creatures draw their power from Okoto, and by extension the Toa. So if anything, the Toa complete the Creatures.

Here’s what I think of Umarak, taken from the lore interpretation I did for Legends of Okoto:

As for Agil, I haven’t come up with much of an explanation for him yet, but having construed Light and Shadow as the elements capable of producing life (easier with the presence of other Elements), the idea of Okoto playing home to a creature of light isn’t all that far-fetched. Since all Okotans are in part beings of Light in this headcanon, any of them can temporarily combine with Agil to become a being whose power is tantamount to that of a Toa, a Toa of Light in function if not in form. Ekimu just happened to be the only one that we’ve seen do it.


Umarak being a creature is a pure fan theory.

What if the gen 1 and gen 2 universes are the same, and somehow vezon came to the place where the toa were created and used the staff on them, splitting them into two, and only when they are united they can become one again, and defeated makuta in the most rushed ending ever, OH MY GOD IT ONLY MAKES SENSE ITS CONFIRMED TRUE HALF LIFE THREE CONFIRMED!!!

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Wait what.

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Really? I thought it was mentioned somewhere… But now that I think about it you’re right.

@ToaVakota Yeah around that ball park.
@Scorpion_Strike That would make sense, but what about when agil goes into ekimus chest, i kinda think tha they combined back into one being, and the elemental light from ekimu is what weakened umarak.
@Invader Never thought about that, huh.
@Altair What if when agil flew into ekimus chest, they essentially combined, sense ekimu is technically a toa Not mask maker there to help
@Tigocourt117 Wat

Agil combining with Ekimu does look different than the Toa combining with their creatures does. I think that the Toa, Okotans, and by extension Ekimu are beings of one of the six primary elements first and of light second, so for a creature of light to create a “Toa of Light” even temporarily it has to provide a much larger power-up than any of the other creatures would if they were to temporarily combine with any Okotan of their element. Best I can guess is that, between the power-up required and how much energy Ekimu expended just to counter the (also significantly powered-up) shadow powers of Umarak the destroyer, Agil was basically expended to give the Toa their moment to stop Makuta. RIP Agil, you died (were expended) for a more noble purpose than JTO made it seem.

Then again, it’s been a while since I’ve seen the end of JTO, so I could have some things wrong on the details.

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