An Official Statement Regarding Eljay

Going forward, we wish to publicly announce that Eljay Johnsen is no longer a member of, or affiliated with, The TTV Channel.

One of the things that really makes TTV unique are the relationships that the cast have with one another. While we do the podcasts and other videos together as part of the channel, we actively do spend almost every day with each other, talking, hanging out, and being good friends. That also means that there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that isn’t in the hour or two you guys see us on-screen.

Unfortunately, we’ve had a long history of internal issues that we were ultimately unable to resolve. Eventually, these grew to a point that they began to affect operations of the channel both publicly and privately. As our paths began to diverge and our friendships became strained it became apparent that our irreconcilable differences had made it so our professional relationship would no longer be able to flourish in a constructive or meaningful way. We earnestly do believe that taking this action now, before the situation escalated further, was in everyone’s best interest in order to maintain a good rapport and healthy mental well-being for the group in the long run.

With that said, Eljay will always be a big part in the history of our channel and his contributions to it will never be forgotten. While it’s unfortunate that we couldn’t come to a different conclusion, we believe in full that he will excel in any future pursuits and that this won’t stop him from achieving success in other endeavors. Thanks to all of you in our audience for sticking by us for so long, and we must ask for you to respect the privacy of all parties involved. This statement will be all that we are going to say about this situation for now.


I think i was one of the only people who truly enjoyed eljay and his work, he didnt seem like a bad guy from what ive seen


While it’s sad to see him go, I hope that both he and the cast as a whole can move forward and continue to excel - this seems to be a mature and considered decision, and I for one, and I’m sure much of the fanbase, fully support both Eljay and the Cast going forward.

Thankyou for everything Eljay, it’s been a blast!


:cry: He will be missed.


Shame. I always enjoyed Eljay’s insights on certain Lego themes, to an extent.


Well, all I can say is that I wish Eljay the best in luck in whatever he is currently perusing. He’s been a huge part of TTV, and no one will forget his influences.


I respect the sensitivity of this decision, and it seems to be well thought out. I wish both TTV and Eljay the best in the future. I want to thank Eljay for all the great laughs he’s given me over the past few years, I’m so glad I was able to meet you at Brickfair! It will be immensely sad to see you go, and I pray that in the long term your friendships might be mended and protected by this decision.


Eljay being fired… I dunno how I feel about this as a Mod, so I’ll just address this as a fan.

I’m freaking depressed now. Eljay was one of my favorite parts of the channel, and to see him leave is gonna make it hard to enjoy TTV to a larger extent. Eljay was one of my favorite cast members, as well as for everyone else, and I just think him leaving is gonna really hurt the channel. I have my other favorites like Var and Meso, but still, the channel will not feel the same whatsoever.


so uhm, the civil war ended up with Eljay being fired


Hopefully somebody else steps up to be a “Counter” point in the podcasts, because a podcast where everybody is on the same side and basically a hivemind is not entertaining.

Though I am intrigued to see the fallout from this. As I said on Twitter, TTV without @Eljay isn’t really TTV.


I was kinda skeptical to whether this was true or not, so I made light of it. But since Eljay is actually leaving, I wish him, and TTV, the best of luck for the future. He will be missed by many, including myself.


I really didn’t think this would come any time soon…

I have seen him have some “conflict” with some users on the boards since he’s the most active to respond to flags before the modcast (which sometimes result to a ban), but im fairly sure thats not the case (yes im aware him leaving is due to behind the scenes)-

At the moment, I have nothing but thank you for your behalf on the TTV and the #ttvpartyisover will rise…


I’m sorry things had to end this way. I never expected anyone on the podcast to stay forever, but I also didn’t expect this. Just goes to show how little we actually know about TTV, and that’s not a bad thing. I hope Eljay will excel on his own and TTV will continue to produce the excellent content we all support.


Wait he was fired!? Dang…


well rip combo model reviews and system, but yeah eljay was the best i will miss him…rest in mangostein


I would actually honestly feel sorry, if it was anyone but Eljay (rather now I have very mixed feelings with this situation, taking account the effect on me and the rest of the community). Not going to sugar coat it, the dude was quite hard to communicate with on the boards, quite a handfull. From my own experience with him, I can understand why you would grow to have an issue with him on a personal level. More than anyone else he agrevated me the most to communicate with out of the cast so much so that it detracted me of enjoying the groups content and being part of the TTV community. While I dont always agree with the rest of the cast (such as the nature of opinions or current moods at the time of both debating sides), the issue not agreeing with Eljay over trivial topics would resulted in numerous threats out of the blue on other topics on the boards over actions he himself did in the past, to just give an summary of the example.

Overall, he started drama where it wasnt needed, and he agrevated people instead of cooling situations. Could I personally tried more to be artificially nice to him, possibly, but when you personally feel from each consecutive response the person gives you is less and less respectful towards you, at some point you question “is it even worth trying with him” or “is it even worth forgiving him anymore”.

I wont lie, I did enjoy the content he did for the group (mostly the reviews), the content he made with no question is his positive legacy and mark made for the community, but saying that my complete experience with this person was positive would simply not be true and for the time being I aknowledge your decision in this matter, respect and understand it completely. I wish TTV the best in this vaccum-feeling time and wish both parties to move on and grow from this experiences, ether they were bad or good.


Oh my gosh, I am SO with you. I’m wondering who’s gonna be doing the recaps for the TV shows now, especially since the Ninjago Movie is coming out soon. :sob: I’m actually crying as I’m typing this, cause before Prpl joined, Eljay was my favorite cast member and still is. :sob: It’s gonna be hard for me to adjust to Eljay not being there, I mean, in the past, if Eljay was not on a podcast, I’d normally had no interest in watching it, so, knowing that he’s gone… It’s gonna be very hard for me to adjust, but I’ll try.


There is always the option of someone filling the gap when it comes to the workload, and possible new members that are already in good ties with the group but didnt fully comit to the group as of yet. Who knows, with each door closing another opens. One just needs to stop lingering with the closed door and focus on the open one with new posabilities.

I do believe that the cast is capable and professional enough to manage with the situation. To me they have already lived though arguably harder situations to coap with.

On an weird note that just came to my mind: whats going to happen with the sigfigs of the cast?


Aw jeez. I did enjoy seeing Eljay on the TTV channel. I enjoyed his reviews and all. He will be missed.


Man, that’s really sad to hear. Eljay was my favorite cast member and I really enjoyed following him on social media and his own channel. The Recap Reviews are what really solidified me as a TTV fan and I know that the channel just won’t be the same without him.