An Open request to anyone with a Makuta

For a couple of months now I have been creating a very large scene in, one involving the trial of Makuta Miserix by Teridax, a fairly important point historically speaking in Bionicle Lore. Many people have contributed MOCs for the scene, and recently, I have finally put 50 Makuta into the scene, and the help of the various people I asked around. So now, im asking here as well. If anyone would be interested in having their Makuta featured in the scene, I would be happy to either include them, given people are willing to give me the file of their MOC, or, give me enough instructions to recreate their MOCs digitally.

Now here is the current scene, and credits to the individual MOCists who made this scene possible

Makuta Xurnekk
Makuta Wuruhi
Makuta Solveka
Makuta Carkneek
Makuta Ranek
Makuta Beelzrem
Makuta Piruanu

Makuta Cedak
Makuta Dhykun
Makuta Udraxur
Makuta Aghaki
Makuta Voness
Makuta Varnoxx
Makuta Maseud

Makuta Hiruya
Makuta Vydak
Makuta Umarak
Makuta Ryfika (made by me, adapting his Tridax build.)

Makuta Gestarix, twice, once of her file, and one of my modification)
Makuta Acedia

Makuta Tridax
Makuta Joviri

Makuta Kojol

Makuta Quinzal (created by me)

Makuta Keiruh

Makuta Tyrianteer

And a Makuta with a Komau who’s creator I have forgotten, however I will keep trying to figure out who gave it to me so I can credit them for it.

And im not sure who to credit for Miserix, be it the person who modelled it, or the person who originally made it.

And of course the ones I made for the scene, being:

Makuta Teridax
Makuta Antroz
Makuta Krikka
Makuta Gorast
Makuta Chirox
Makuta Bitil
Makuta Vamprah
Makuta Thereon
Makuta Lazarix
Makuta Worfux
Makuta Mutran
The Southern Island Merger
Makuta Veriex
Makuta Gerlix
Makuta Icarax (slightly updated
Makuta Morox
Makuta Silvrex
Makuta Xaval
Makuta Ekenix


ooh could I send in my own when I finish it?
Makuta Xianos


Absolutely, that would be great! is there any particular way you would want to send it to me once you are done with it? Or how to send me instructions to make it for you digitally?

Additionally, if you have any particular role he fulfills in the Brotherhood of Makuta and letting me know if he would vote in favour of Teridax or Miserix would also be appreciate, that is when you are finished making em.


Yeah I built him with, so I can send you the file. And don’t worry about the lore, I’ll figure that out after completion.

but this is where I am so far:



I would like to put up a few of mine, though I will only be able to take breakdown pictures in a few hours if I don’t forget to actually take them as it is quite late.

Makuta Ksionikx

Kanohi: Maltra, Mask of Rust
Gender: Female
Region: None
Killed by: Icarax, for siding with Miserix
Role: Jailer

Makuta Criosys

Kanohi: Tryna
Gender: Male
Region: Krosyr (destroyed)
Killed by: Bioquake
Role: Executioner

Makuta Meiosis

Kanohi: Mask of Scrambling
Gender: -
Region: Southern Islands
Killed by: falling down a set of stairs
Role: Leader of the Makuta of the Southern Islands

Makuta Aviont

Kanohi: Mask of Charisma
Gender: Male
Region: None
Killed by: Bioquake, while visiting Ksionikx
Role: Maintenance Worker

You should be able to build them mostly without help tho, as they are pretty simple. also some of these still aren’t completely finished, especially Meiosis, thus some colours still need to be replaced also ignore the waviness of the background, haven’t used it in a while

Edit: Actually I just remembered I still have Pianoa on my PC, so here is a link to her file.


I don’t have any makuta mocs to offer at the moment, but I like what I’m seeing so far


And here I am with 20 finished and 2 WIP Makuta to my name (though granted, except for two they’re all either canon Makuta or revamps of other people’s MOCs), and instructions for none. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hm… though actually for a handful I have some LDD files, I believe… too much effort to upload them somewhere as I can’t do it here, though.


Οοοh alright, that works for me, if you do get around to making their instructions let me know. For now, ill add Pianoa and include her in the next render.


Looks promising, wish you the best of luck in building em!


Oh I see! Hm, well, a shame, but if you do ever make instructions for them, let me know and ill do my best to recreate them digitally.


I’ve been having a go at making Studio files for most of them over the past year, although most of the ones with custom heads are missing them and a some of them are probably wrong (Fenerak, Sachel and Ornek especially).
Here are a couple of examples:


ah pity I don’t really build digitally maybe I’ll build an irl moc and spend in instructions


Oh, wow. Nice job there.

Looking pretty accurate.

Though I can imagine the custom heads causing issues with all the angles and stuff :stuck_out_tongue: One of the reasons why I don’t build digitally.

If you ever need details for individual sections, feel free to ask (though to not flood this topic, maybe ask in my Makuta WIP topic). I’m probably able to give some amount of information/LDD screenshots for a few things, even though most of my Makuta are in storage at my parents’ house.


I hope this is comprehensible enough. Ignore dog hair, IDK how they even got in there



Just build the Lewa sword claw arm twice, the Mistika shield is not a part in Studio yet.

Don’t have instructions for the other two yet.
Also I would recommend avoiding double/triple posting it is somewhat against the rules.


I have a Makuta that I just finished. It’s probably not as intricate as some of the other Makuta I’m seeing, but if you’re interested, I can send you some pictures and diagrams so you can build it. It doesn’t have a name, though.


Τhat isnt really a problem at all! For anyone who doesnt have lore I place them arbitrarily in the scene and vote in favour of Teridax, so unless you have any other preference all of that is perfectly fine.


(I haven’t been on these forums for very long so sorry if you’re not talking to me) Here are some cross-sections of my Makuta. I have full pictures posted in another thread if you need them, and I also gave him the name of “Makuta Solitarius.”

Staff - There are a few beams in the picture for scale. It is held in his right hand by friction, but it’s not a necessary part of his design.

Legs - They are the same except the Bohrok eye is on different sides of the socket joint.

Arms - Like the legs, the only thing that changes is the way the Bohrok eye is oriented.

Side view of the torso - There are some beams attached to the front of the torso that go behind the Hordika chestplate.

Rear view of the torso - The red thing with the gear teeth is a Matoran upper torso piece from 2003.

If you need more pictures, I’d be glad to provide you with them! Also, in terms of lore behind this guy, he’d definitely vote against anything Teridax stands for. I wrote a bit more in another post where I showed this guy off, so if you need to, you can refer to that.


Okay then I’ll share this with you guys. Ps I’ll be updating the post for this one as the leg’s has been upgraded. Makuta Vita. PS just added pictures not only to this but to the other posts that have Vita in it.


Really impressive! I quite like how it looks, only issue is i am not sure I can make out how it was all put together as a MOC.


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