An unintentional Meso build

Okay so after building my shoulder assembly I continued to build onto it to see what happened, following my usual tactic of throwing together what ever I can find and it turned into an oddly familiar face.


Alternate timeline Meso, I like


The mask under his foot is nice 'lil touch.


You should tag Meso with this.

I was thinking about it but seeing how thrown together this build is I didn't want to bother them with it, I dunno.

There it's done

If only one could play Bionicle: Heroes as @Mesonak .


If only.


A little basic, but nice.

Well this was just to see how a shoulder assembly fit together, just stuck matching limbs and a head to it and it came out like that.

It's Meso's evil brother, Osem!

The MOCs relatively basic looking but still fairly decent overall. Love that shoulder design BTW.

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This is amazing!

This looks great! I often start throwing bits together and end up with something familiar as well. This is really cool, good job! :smile:

I love that Miru he's stepping on. :laughing: