An update to Lord of Dragons


Looks like you fixed some of the problems it had. Good job. It does bug me that to allow the arms full articulation you had to add that CCBS limb.

Looks pretty good. Nice job on the update

Much better.

Excellent use of the Ben 10 torso!

The color scheme is virtually flawless.

thanks dude

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I like the idea. Hadn’t even thought about that dragon head being on a MOC like this, but it works pretty well.

Also fun to see that hand design around after having used it on a few versions of Ekorak in the past. So kudos there.

The Tahnok shields seem a bit out of place, but overall this is pretty good

As a huge dragon fan I can say without a doubt… That this is like a half dragon thing or something.

Well anyway it is pretty groovy looking, but those shoulders.