Ancient Protector of Jungle

so here is my ancient protector of jungle.Depending on how this is received i might upload the other protectors all at once

So what ya think?


Combining weapons, nice touch, reminds me a little of Gresh, great job!

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I really like that weapon! Not a huge fan of the leg armor though. It sticks out too much (Gali '16 style).

Might wanna fix that sentence man. :wink:

Edited title -legomaster

I like it, but the armor sticks out on the legs a bit.

But can it fly? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s being held by a yellow rubber band so no :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys! I have to agree the legs were the ifyest part of moc. I was trying to create a tarp thing although I don`t think I did it well.

Looks odd, but I guess that is to come with any small-scale build. I think the legs would benefit from some green.