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I didn’t know what category to put this in, so i figured I’d put it here.

Over the last couple of weeks while using chrome on Android, I’ve had two warnings pop up while browsing the boards. They’re both the same, claiming that my phone is infected and needs cleaned up. Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me?

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I thought my phone was just being stupid. Let me guess, are these pop-ups wrought with strange grammar and nearly impossible to get rid of?

All clear for me, but I shall be on the lookout.

Uh huh. says stuff like “your phone is infected with four virus”

This is strange.
I’ve never gotten it.

I think I’ve gotten something like this before.

I typically just ignore them, as they are often scams (like when they say "download this app to clean the phone).

I’ve gotten those before, just not on this site. My advice: don’t click on them.

Advice noted :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, and there u go. If your phone had four Viruses, u wood b notified bye something on your phone, oar knot at all. Knot an app u don’t have. An app u haven’t downloaded cant reed your phone two tell how many viruses it has, sew it wood have know weigh of knowing that. And a biult-in virus-finder wood say something like “U should get your phone virus-swept.” It wouldn’t tell u how two do that; that’s your job.

Your phones, or the MB’s, have ads(Takuma must’ve made good on his threat). Don’t get a virus cleaner; get ad-block.


I’ve got multiple antivirus programs on my phone, they would alert me.

Wrote down all your passwords and clear your cookies. It might not be linked to ttv, rather is a tracking add that follows you accross sites. How that crap isn’t illegal is beyond me. It might be linked to ttv boards, however, in which case after clearing the browser data it’d still persist. You will have to log back into everything.

I hardly understood that

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You say that like it’s not something you should already have written down.


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Some people haven’t. It’s just a warning because when you clear your browser data you’re gonna be logged out. Some people may know that, others might not. Better safe than sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

never seen it on ttv