Andromeda 3000 (Bionicle vehicle MOC)

OBS! This is a work in progress

Hello everyone

This is the Andromeda 3000. A heavy sparrow type vehicle. I made a smaller type of a sparrow before for a smaller version of Arcdron (my self moc and the guy driving). But after i started missing the function of having a cool accessory for mt self moc, i decided to build him a bigger and better vehicle then ever before.

My insperation for building this vehicle came from a veriety of games and movies.

I really like the bionicle vehicles like the axelara(i have no idea how to spell that) and wanted to have the twin engines with the cockpit at the back. That got me thinking of the pod racers from star wars the phantom menace. And as a Destiny fan that i am, i put some charactaristics from the destiny sparrow into the back aswell. One may even say that the cockpit has the form of a truck.

The Andromeda 3000 is built to fit Arcdron. It is compatible with the inika build mocs and official sets due to that Arcdron is the same size. The Andromeda is also weaponized with two thornax launchers that can be tilted farward and up using the big wheel.


The Andromeda 3000 is about half a meter from nose to back. Im working and an aditional upgrade to fit another seat for a smaller figure.

I do have a power functions kit installed on the Arndromeda 3000, but for the moment, the only thing serving a purpose is the lightts on the front engines. There is also an engine places at the front of the cockpit, but for the moment, all it does is spinning an axle. I will move it to the back when i got the back seat done so i can have some cool functions going on. Feel free to give me ideas of what to put on the back of this thing, all ideas are good accept the bad ones.

The Andromeda 3000 fits Arcdron with barely any space to spare, so getting any smaller sets into it isnt going to be a problem. This allows for more playability and variation of playing.

I hope you have fpund the Andromeda 3000 intresting and maybe cool. This i a complicated moc that took a while to figure out how to balance the wheight between the front engines and the cockput without making them too floppy.

I wish you a good day and ill see ya later.


Wow! That’s talent.

This is amazing. Absolutely amazing. Though could we get a better look at the pilot?

It’s beautiful like fast and the furious

You can fit that big boi in there? Nice work.

Of course.

The pilot is Arcdron (my self moc) he is the same size as your traditional inika sets but is built in a completly different way.

He has 4 weapons. A bow, a sword, a knife and a throwing spear.

I made a how to with 206 steps a few months ago if you would be intrested in his construction.

Hope i gave you a fitting answer.

Have a good day

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