Andy Weir's "The Martian" MOC

So my English teacher asked me to create an artistic rendition of the main character in Andy Weir’s “The Martian”. He said i could use Bionicle to do so, and that it didn’t have to look anything like the space suit seen in the movie.

Front Shot (sorry for the background)

Back Shot


Tending To His Potato Plants

Poor Man’s Rendition of the Airlock Scene

All Encompassing Shot. This was just a little something that I thought up, it’s not the epitome of my MOCing skill. Reviews, Scores, Critiques are all welcome.


Chest is a bit boxy, but that can be expected for a spaceman.

I personally think a different mask would fit the character better, maybe one in another colour in order to make it look like the faceplate thing that astronauts have, but the Akaku looks pretty good anyways, so who am I to complain?

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looks like a bulky mess slim it up a little

well, it IS a spacesuit…

He looks pretty cool, but I’d recommend giving him a Golden Mask instead. :wink:

too boxy imo
try remove the technic beams in the torso

I got to admit this looks like a great interpretation of “The Martian”.
Though a golden Akaku would work too instead of a white Akaku.

Nice. A bit boxy, but good over all, but do those gears serve a perpose? also, mask in my opinion the mask could be swaped out for one of these:

The oficial name for the part is a “Cylinder Hemisphere 4x4 Multifaceted” if you want to get one on Bricklink.


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