Angareti, Toa of Water

My latest moc! A new toa from me… This time a Toa of water. So here we go! I still have him built, so if you guys have any suggestions, feel free to write them down here so that I can go work on him before he gets scrapped for my next moc.

I stuck lerahk in there for comparison. Just because.
So… whaddaya think? I like his hands, and his arm design… his upper legs were a mad rush to finish it. I didn’t want to do something like all my other mocs… I wanted it to be a little different.

there ya go.


Very cool. I like the creative hand design.

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Thanks! I’m going with a similar foot design for my next guy.

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Honestly the overall aesthetic of the moc is a lot like something I would make.

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that;s good, right?

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Yes. It is.

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ok, good.

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It’s got a lot of interesting shapes, like the shoulders and upper legs. I love the designs. Nice work!

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Thank you!

I really enjoy the lower leg design using the Mata foot. The feet using the Ignika foot on top of the other foot is rather interesting.

The proportions are really wonky and uneven. It doesn’t give off a feminine vibe. Those large hands don’t help much either.
Id recommend making the torso longer and making the limbs more smooth. It fits the water vibe more. I’m not sure how I feel about the hands in this design. They don’t really fit with the theme of water and honestly while looking a little too messy.

Also needs a little more blue.

the points about making it more feminine are mute if it’s a male Toa of Water


it’s male… i’ll go fix that…

and thanks for the critique!

That giant hands need some work

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Ok… what do you suggest?

maybe less ccbs.