Angel,Order of Mata Nui Member by Toa_Aveex

Hello Every one Aveex Here I was Listen to some Creepy pastas and I came up with this

So this his Mask has the powers telekinesis so think of it as Matatu-like Mask!

Front Shot

Side Shot

Back Shot (Yes he Has Wings!,that why he's called Angel!)

Close Up 1

Close up 2

With his Spear of Justice

Spear Action Shot 1

Spear Action Shot 2

Shield and Spear Action Shot 1

Shield and Spear Action Shot 2

Shield and Spear Action Shot 3

Close up 3

Next Toa A Random Toa of Fire

Size Comparison

Angel V.s. Vakama

Angel V.s. Aveex

Angel V.s. Makuta Jalex

Well That's It for now
Comment? Questions?
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He's got a nice aesthetic going on, the color scheme works, the use of Stormer's helmet as a mask actually works quite nicely... I like it.

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Amazin Razins

also that random toa of fire reminds me of Vanaru

Angle, master of trigonometry! 😜
Really like the moc tho, getting a kind of Angemon vibe from him. Nice. 👍

Thanks I kind of Stumble upon it,I was going to use that or Izotor Mask

I Actually Don't Know who Vanaru is...Is he a Fan-made Toa?


one of my Mocs

That moc is Really cool and it dose look like my random Toa of Fire moc!

This MOC looks fantastic from the front, but the back could really use some covering.


But... Why?

Well, as long as I'm here, I like this! The use of the upturned Stormer helmet really gives off a gladiator type appearance! Though that's... Not what you were going for... Was it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to use that!

And it should probably be "Angel" not "Angle". A-N-G-E-L

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Telekinesis huh? Awesome!

The MOC itself looks pretty cool and that flipped Stormer helmet looks great on it. My only complaint would be that the shield doesn't look that interesting.

It's nice, not too sure bout that white belly button.

I believe the word you are looking for is Angel, not angle. Angle has to do with the shape of corners or how lines meet. So yeah, besides the misspelled name, this looks very good. Clean, simple, but sweet.

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sorry about the Misspelled Title...

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Does everyone with that mask remind you of Vanaru? :smile:

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Well except Tahu

(Well actaully I used vakamas flame claws for his first bow then change it but I'm just a Panda writing at 01:53 in the morning) I'm not a Panda by the way

This is very nicely made!