Angels and Demons

Hey guys it's Gwideon here. Today I have my first pairing of mocs so let's get into it.

When I first started these mocs they where going to be fire and ice spirits but then a friend of mine made a really clever way of attaching wings to a regular ccbs torso. That's when i decided to make them into a angel and a demon. so here we go.

A front shot of the angel

side shot

back shot. Here you can see how the wings are attached.

Front shot of the demon

side shot

Yay a back shot

the angel and demon locked in a fierce battle

That's it. thank you for reading. feel free to comment and stay awesome


Kulta v Kopaka

Not what I was going for but ok

huh, I used a nearly identical attachment design on a recent moc,
haven't posted it yet, interesting coincidence.

these are kind of, underwhelming, not really bad, just boring.

also yeah, it totally looks like

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Yes, this way to attach wings is pretty neat, great idea. Angel could use a color scheme update and maybe a build update aswell. As for Devil he's pretty good.

Overall, pretty cool, good job.