Angry Birds Mobile Games

Probably one of the best Mobile Games of all time, It has become a classic video game just like Mario (I have never played a Mario Game in my life). My favourite Angry Birds games are Angry Birds Star Wars I and II and I also enjoyed Angry Birds Transformers.

I know there is an Angry Birds Movie topic already, but that one is for the Angry Birds movie, not the actual game, so please don’t close this topic.

What are you waiting for? Discuss!

I liked it when I was younger.

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I loved it as a kid.

Now, it’s more of a eh. Alright but not great.

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I played lots of angry birds games, almost all. I liked them, but I got bored of them…

If you want good mobile games play some by Foursaken Media. They have some good games. As for angry birds, I never played them, and they seemed like they would get really boring, really fast.

Wow I’m surprised that this hasn’t been a topic yet

I’ve never really liked these games.

I played the original to death. The rest were eh.

It has been milked dry.


Angry Birds: Transformers is loads of fun.
I think my most recent character from the island level things was Bludgeon or Jazz.

I got Arcee, who is really fun to play.


Even though I have never been a transformers fan, I also really liked that game!

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