Anime style self moc drawing

After I posted my most recent creation I got what I can only describe as mocists block. I decided to take a break and draw a anime version of my own self moc.

First; the moc form

Now the art;

As you can probably see posing is not my specialty so I did my best to achieve a hovering stance.


I like the hair you chose.

Pink hair on an all black and red armor? Cool!:slight_smile:

maybe work on the positioning a little…otherwise, it’s okey work.

I usually don’t like the whole “turning bionicles into humans thing” as its usually pulled off badly and just looks like the parts placed over the body, but this avoids that look by adding little details and stylizations kinda like JtO. Its a thumbs up from me :wink:

Yeah; my goal was to stylize it like a real "super / demon " armor you might see in a anime while still recognizable as the same character as the moc.

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That is really FRIGGIN’ GOOD!

######I’m not even kidding that’s better than I could do :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait! I… I must clap for this. One like is not enough!
Where are my claps?!
Ah! There they are!

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That chain does not like physics.


Was expecting an actual bonkle but ok

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I would change the hair color. Perhaps make it more vibrant. And the legs seem to long. But it’s better than my anime style art.

Cool, except for the hair…
I like the drawing style of the rest of it besides the oddly human head.

the legs in the drawing are a bit out of proportion, but great moc nonetheless