Ankorus, the red gear construct

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted but I think I’ve finally got a moc worth posting

Ankorus, the red gear construct

The idea to make him came from wanting to use up a ton of small parts as well as a few big red gears
I think the end result was pretty good though he will be getting some improvements over time like all my mocs do


Well, he certainly is something.

Looks very nice!

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Dat red

Dem gears

Wow, very interesting concept. Looks odd and creepy in a way, pretty cool.

I want a Ten page essay on how this functions. /jk

Looks really clockwork, Custom head is a plus, looks a little all over the place tho, and it seems better in concept rather than execution.

A Clockwork Frankenstein’s Monster / 10

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so he has a contractable weapon

so just like XAIES

Lurap’s Quick Review:

  • Oh lord, the gears

I would give this MOC a :neutral_face:/10.
Oh My…

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This looks like Skull pinner and T-red axle.

Interesting MOC, though some of the larger gears kinda throw it off.

I got to admit this is pretty great!
Lives up to the name perfectly.
But the face looks weird.

Love the gears

This thing

is amazing.

Seriously, I love MOCs that use creative ideas like this.

Only flaw I see is that it’s a bit messy in some places.


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Wow that is great! For one I love both gears and the colour red! It also reminds me of Red Gadget! I would give it a 9/10 cause it is a bit messy and a more complex weapon would go good with his aesthetics! Also no Huna! lol

It’s like the inside of a clock came to life and attacked.

Nice work.

so many gears, it’s beautiful

he looks pretty geared up ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)


looks really good! I especially like how he looks like he was made of tiny metal bits and bolts